Thursday, August 25, 2011

FITNESS IS FUN...with your kids!!

Hello all my Fitness Friends...and soon-to-be fitness friends!  Today's blog will be a quick one.  I just have to speak on something that I'm very passionate about (yes, it's fitness!) but it's also the OBESITY rate amongst people in general.  Nothing upsets me more than seeing children in my community who are overweight so here's today's blog and that is....FITNESS IS FUN...WITH YOUR KIDS!  Let's get those kids out from behind those video games and computers and actually exercise with them.  Living in such a beautiful family community such as Gilbert Arizona, I feel it's almost my duty to say "please let me help YOU!"  Being in the fitness biz as long as I have, I have heard every excuse starting with "I'll never get back to the size I was before I had my baby..." even though the baby is now a 13 year old OR I'll never get back to my size I was in high school/college because I'm now in my career and that's my focus 100%.  Well, guess what?!  You CAN get back to that size you want to be and you CAN get back into that college shape again.  You wannna know how?????  MOVEMENT!  EXERCISE!  You can do it!  You can do it!  You can do it!

Today I wanted to share a video of me and my four year old son working out together in my home gym...but ran into some technical difficulties.  However, it should be posted on my facebook wall.  Please feel free to post any questions or comments you may have about fitness to me.  I'm here to help and this is what I do for a living.  I want to share with you the same joy that exercise gives me not only in the physical results but also in your mental state of mind.  Once I finally figure out how to actually post my video ON my blog page, I will make it a habit to show you fitness tip of the day as well as an exercise of the day that you can do with your kid(s) at home.  Don't be shy!  Send me some questions and I love feedback too.  And remember...I'm in the East Valley so if you live in Arizona and are looking for someone to change your life and touch your soul thru the power of fitness....I'm your girl!

Enjoy the video...on my facebook page.  Have a FABULOUS rest of the week!  Take some time to do something for your health and fitness for the rest of the week and weekend!

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy,
Famisha :-)

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