Thursday, August 11, 2011


Good afternoon!  So today is one of those days when as a MOM, Fitness Professional and Observer I feel like blogging about it's time to STOP making excuses and FINALLY focus on YOU!  After being a Certified National Master Personal Trainer for over 10 years now I have heard every excuse in the book as to why people either can't find the time to workout or why an hour of customized workouts just "don't work" and I've gotta's time to be HONEST with yourselves people and finally decide to focus on YOURSELF for more than just the one hour you may spend a day working with a trainer, workout buddy or maybe even your significant other on your fitness program.  My clients who get amazing results didn't have me wave a magic wand over their heads...they listened and have made it a LIFESTYLE.  Here's the is LIFE CHANGING because it has to become a LIFESTYLE.  Now alot of people ROLL their eyes because they say "oh Famisha, you wouldn't know how it feels to be overweight..." but Jillian Michaels does so I'm going to listen to her advice because she has been there!  Well, whatever happened to admiring someone for the true discipline it obviously takes to MAINTAIN a healthy weight for over 20+ years...or lose 30lbs of baby weight in ONE month because you're no longer eating for "two" but instead need to be healthy for the child you carried around for 9 months?!  So I may sound like I'm ranting but today is one of those days when I feel the TRUTH needs to be spoken....uh-oh, WATCH OUT!   Here's the deal..."working out" doesn't necessarily have to mean killing yourself in the gym for 3 can be ANYTHING in which you actually get up and MOVE for longer than the 30 seconds it takes you to go to the fridge during the commercial break of The Biggest Loser.  Here are some examples:  dance around the room as you play some of your favorite music and here's a thought, grab your child and and do it together!  Housework to do?  Then EXTEND those arms when vacuuming that family room.  Make each move count because you are burning calories!  Brushing your teeth?  Hey!  Time to do some side bends...say bye bye to those love handles!  Sitting at a computer for hours?  Calf raises...ab engagement...what in the world is ab engagement?!  Well, pull your belly button towards your spine as though there is a string attached and guess what?!  You just worked out your abs!  I do this one all the time when driving in my car.  Lastly, you've got Jersey Shore that you're secretly going to watch tonight?  Don't worry, I won't tell anyone...but you know what you can do while enjoying your guilty pleasure???  Sit on a Physio's engaging your abs and during commercials do some Ab Ball Crunches and then grab the back of your kitchen chair and do some tricep dips!  No excuses people!

So what did I do today for exercise??  If there's one thing people who know me as the Fitness Professional know is I LOVE intense workouts...which is why my bootcamps are crazy INTENSE (but burn 500 calories!) and with the privilege of having my own fully equipped home gym, I PUT IN WORK!  But today my friends, I went on a lovely 20 minute bike ride with my son (hey since we got him his Spiderman bike for going under water at his swim lesson...I want him to get as much fun active time on it now as possible, right?) so we rode around the neighborhood and talked about all the trees and birds we saw...which let me tell you, is fun to do through a four year old's eyes and then we came home.  Well, instead of going hard with the weights, I decided to turn on the stereo (after I turned on the Disney station in the game room for him) and put on some good mellow music and did 45 minutes of YOGA.  Not an intense, typical workout for me...but definitely what I needed to start my day off right and feel good about enjoying mommy and son bonding time today.

I must finally end this blog with this...if you're kids are finally back at school and you're now wondering "what in the world am I supposed to do with all this time on my hands now?!"  Well, before you go to pick them up from school and take them to their after school activities, my advice to you is find at least 30 minutes a day to FINALLY FOCUS ON YOU!!!  Your loved ones will notice and you will find yourself a much happier AND healthier person.  So happy back to school MOMS out there and happy Summer coming to an end which means COOLER weather (yea!!!) finally to all you girls and guys out there!  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I promise...I'll try and get back into doing this on a weekly basis so I'm not so long winded!  :-)  Sorry...I'm passionate about fitness!

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

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