Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hello my friends!  I hope you are having a fabulous morning so far today.  Today's blog is for those of you looking for quick easy fitness tips for yourself to be able to do in the middle of your busy day.  So are you ready???  Here you go!

Fitness Tip #1:  Stop!  How are you sitting right now?  Are you slumped over your computer right now?  Are your shoulders rounded forward??  Us Fitness Professionals call that "protracted shoulders."  Well, if you are...don't feel guilty!  90% of people in general sit hunched over their computers while reading or working.  So my first tip for you is...sit up TALL, roll those shoulders BACK and engage those ABS!  Engaging abs means to act as though there is a string attached to your belly button and it is pulling your belly button towards your spine.  Are you doing it?  If so, good job!  You just finished fitness tip #1.

Fitness Tip #2:  Do you have some cleaning to do today?  Or to be you have some sweeping to do today?  If so, grab that it on your shoulders and stand with your feet hip width apart, feet straight (not turned out) and gently twist to your left and then to your right.  As you are doing this exercise, ENGAGE THOSE ABS!  Twist 10 times to each have now worked out your external obliques (ie:  your ab muscles).  Repeat this at least 2 more times and then get back to sweeping! :-)

Fitness Tip #3:  SMILE!  There is nothing better than putting a smile on your face during a stressful moment.  Moms out there, your child won't go down for his or her nap???  Your child won't eat his or her breakfast/lunch/dinner???  Non-moms out there, your boss just dropped a new assignment on your desk @noon and said it's due TODAY by 5pm???  Rather than tense up...which means you're naturally going to bring your shoulders up to your ears possibly causing a pinched nerve in your neck.  Take a deep breath...slowly let it out and SMILE.  Smiling is healthy and you know what?  This stressful moment is going to pass and you will get through it!  So instead of frowning and tensing up, do the exact opposite...SMILING IS HEALTHY!

Fitness Tip #4:  Stuck on an hour conference call today?  Or how about the only minute you have is sitting at the table with your child as you feed them or help them with their homework?  Take a moment and do some calf raises...lift your heels up and put them down...heels up and put them down...repeat this 10 times for 3 sets.  Then stand up and sit down...but not all the way!  Squats...use your chair as your stopping this 15 times and if possible for 3 sets.  Wearing a head set during your conference call or have it on speaker phone?  Or sitting at the table with your child?  Grab the edge of your chair, feet flat, bend your knees and with hands straight and shoulders DOWN (don't tense up) do some tricep dips.  10 reps...3 times!  Guess what?!  You just did a 5-10 minute workout for yourself today!

Now if I can have all you MOM'S out there's video clip is going to once again focus on how to incorporate fitness into both you and your child's life.  CHILDHOOD OBESITY is extremely upsetting and a big part of the problem is we don't teach our kids to MOVE and that FITNESS IS FUN!  So please take some time to watch my video and post feedback.  Also, don't hesitate to ask questions...that's why I'm here!  The exercises on the video can be used with water bottles and fun kids balls that most of you moms have around your house.  I will not be blogging next week, because me and my family are off on a week vacay to the BEACH and AMUSEMENT PARKS FUN...but will see you back here the week of the 19th.  Enjoy the video and please share with your friends!  Thanks for your continued support!

Hope you enjoyed the video!
As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

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