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Greetings friends!  Hope you're all having an absolutely FABULOUS day so far.  I myself am feeling pretty fantastic!  So this week's blog is on a topic that one of my awesome blog followers has asked me to speak on which is SODIUM...the foods highest in it and what you can do to cut your sodium intake, so let's get into it!

Ok, first of all let me tell you what Sodium is exactly:  sodium is a major mineral that your body actually needs to maintain fluid balance and blood pressure.  However, TOO much sodium can actually be linked to High Blood Pressure.  Too much of it can cause major fluid retention and swelling in feet, hands and the area that 99% of my clients always want to trim down...the MID-SECTION.  Here's the deal, HEALTHY adults should only consume 2400mg of sodium a day.  Which is plenty!

The foods containing the highest amounts of sodium are processed and pre-packaged foods (FROZEN MEALS)!!!  Here are foods to avoid:  Processed Meats such as hotdogs (sorry baseball fans!), sausage, bacon, corned beef, salt pork and ham.  Salted Snacks such as chips (but you knew this already, right?!), pretzels, crackers and popcorn...darn movie theaters, moderation my friends, moderation.  Condiments such as soy sauce (get the LITE soy sauce with your sushi), bbq sauce, ketchup, steak sauce and some salad dressings.  Salted Seasonings such as garlic salt, onion salt, and some meat tenderizers.  Canned foods such as soups, tomato sauce, and canned veggies.  Packaged Foods such as flavored or instant rice, TOP RAMEN soup (sorry college students...but seriously, one package contains over 1000mg of sodium), and tv dinners.  Fast Food...ummm, pretty much ALL fast foods serve high sodium foods.  Lastly, most cheese; especially processed cheese spreads are high in sodium.

So now that I've broken down probably almost ALL of your favorite foods that you now realize contain a ton of sodium, you're either A...mad at me for the reality check or B thinking "what am I supposed to eat at the movies now?!"  Well, don't get all bent out of shape my friends, as I say on a daily basis to my clients...all in MODERATION.  I just want you to be made aware of the items that contain the MOST sodium.  Remember you're allotted 2400mg of sodium a day, so be very selective with how you choose to receive that macronutrient.  It's your body...but stay within the 2400mg!

Ok, so I'll give you some quick options of how you can actually LOWER your sodium are my top 5.  #1. Do not add salt while cooking your food OR at the table once you're about to eat.  #2. Choose frozen and canned foods withOUT added salt.  #3. Choose FRESH (there are lots of fresh, yummy veggies out there...just go to the produce section at your grocery store) unprocessed foods.  #4. LIMIT your trips to the fast food restaurants.  And #5.  Look for "low sodium" or "unsalted" on package labels.

So now you're thinking, "Look Famisha, I'm not trying to eat BLAND tasting food!"  Believe me, I'm not telling you to eat bland food what I'm telling you is be "aware" of how much salt you're putting into your system.  Here are my top 5 ways you can still season your food and have it taste delicious.  #1. Fresh Lemon or Lime Juice (yummy!)  #2.  Use Herbs and Spices.  #3.  Pepper (anyone who eats with me has seen me load my food up on pepper, I love the stuff!!)  #4.  Fresh or Powdered Garlic and Onions.  #5.  Flavored Vinegar.

That's pretty much it on my thoughts regarding sodium....ok, really it's not because I could get into the Diet Sodas that people think are doing them a favor (it's ZERO calories, so it's "healthy"), but really aren't because it actually ADDS to the bloating around the mid-section.  But I will save that for a future blog if my fabulous blog followers would like me to break down why drinking a 6pack of Diet Coke is not the best thing for that six-pack you've been dreaming of all your life...  I hope you've enjoyed today's blog on Sodium and will take the info that I've given you and make healthier and better choices in what you eat today, tomorrow and frankly from now on.  Remember, everything in's okay to have the occasional popcorn at the movies...hotdog (yuck!  sorry not my personal favorite) but for those of you that enjoy them at the occasional sporting event.  Just watch the rest of your sodium intake for the day!

Today's video blog was a fun one to shoot...we take you OUTSIDE and to your local high school stadium.  There's no excuse!  Movement is key and I know my son Pry'nce and I had a really good time shooting this one and even kept "playing" when the camera stopped rolling.  Feel free to post your comments and any questions you may have regarding today's blog and I hope you enjoy the video!  Get outside and MOVE!!

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As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

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