Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hello FRIENDS!!!  It's another beautiful (HOT!!) day in paradise and you know I'm feeling FABULOUS after CHANGING MY LIFE & TOUCHING MY OWN SOUL thru the power of fitness!  Hey...I have to LEAD by example, right?!  Which leads me to's topic!  Everybody asks me and when I say everybody I mean EVERYBODY the minute they find out I'm a Personal Trainer asks me "how do I get rid of this???"  And then they reach down and grab of chunk of skin on their you think I'm joking?!  Well my friends, I'm not.  This happens to me ALL THE TIME!  So after the person is done grabbing their skin and anxiously waiting for my answer, I reply with "well, there's NO secret's 80% NUTRITION and most importantly exercise!"  That has proven to be an answer that the person at that time doesn't want to hear so my answer is usually followed by an EYE ROLL...

So today I'm going to talk quickly about four of my FAVORITE Ab Exercises.  I actually have 10...but I don't want you to feel like you're reading a NOVEL.  But...before I do so, I need to make something clear!  You MUST do cardio so you can help shed the fat...and wait for it, EVERYONE has a 6 pack!!  It's just covered by a layer of fat on most people who find that to be their trouble area.  But trust me when I say, it doesn't matter if you're 50lbs overweight, have had a kid(s)...and had them via a C-section (like myself!), or if you put the M in the word Muffin CAN and WILL have a smaller waistline and tighter abs if you dedicate yourself to putting in the WORK to get there!

Here are my favorites:  1.  Stand in a squat stance and twist side to side with your abs ENGAGED (ie:  acting as though there is a string attached to your belly button causing it to be pulled to your spine).  30 reps each side if you're a beginner...40 reps each side if you're intermediate...50 reps each side if you're advanced.  Guess what?!  You are working your abs like crazy and increasing your heart rate...yea!

2.  Good old fashioned Floor Crunch.  Lay on the floor in a supine position (facing the sky) and either support your neck with your hands gently behind your head or cross in front with your feet flat and knees bent and gently lift your shoulders up off the floor.  EXHALE as you crunch will feel your abs work even harder!  3 sets of 15reps if you're a beginner...3 sets of 25reps if you're intermediate...3 sets of 50reps if you MEAN BUSINESS!

3.  Side Plank.  I am known as the Plank Girl!  I LOVE THEM!  The plank will make that waistline smaller and have you dropping sizes like there's no tomorrow.  Lay on your side on your forearm (or elbow if that's a better visual) and stack both legs on top of one another keeping them straight and lift your hips up off the ground.  Modified version of this is keeping your lower leg on the floor bent as you lift the top leg up...and BREATHE!  Hold for 10 seconds each side if you're a beginner...30 seconds if you're intermediate...60 seconds if you're advanced.  YOU'RE WELCOME!

4.  Prone-iso abs (Plank).  On your forearms in a prone position (looking down at the floor with your neck straight) and gently come up on your toes....squeeze your glutes and engage your abs...oh, and breathe!  Relax your hands into BLADES...not fists and once again breathe.  Hold for 30 seconds if your a beginner (or do 3 sets of 10 seconds)...45 seconds if you're intermediate...60+ seconds if you're advanced.

Now, I have SOOOOO many more ab exercises I could talk about!  But we will keep the exercises to these four for today since I have a big day ahead of enjoying the last few days of Summer with my son Pry'nce. 

Speaking of Pry'nce...we have our July "Fitness is Fun with your Kids!" video to show you today.  Guess what it's about???!  AB EXERCISES!  So enjoy our video and feel free to post any comments that you may have.  Enjoy!

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As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)


  1. It's TRUE! I lost TWO sizes in 30 days following Famisha's training advice. I've never been this small in my adult life and I'm now MUCH MORE FIT! Thanks, Famisha!

  2. Thanks for your comment Linda! Yes the POWER OF PLANKS! People don't realize how simple it really is to lose inches in the waistline if you do the right exercises and fix your food intake. You're very welcome and know that I look forward to every training session with you because I know I can challenge you no matter what! You show me being in your 60s is where it's at! You Fit Diva!