Thursday, February 7, 2013


Good afternoon friends!  It's another beautiful day in paradise and I thought I'd blog really quick about FIVE things that you can do to help ASSURE that you DO workout the NEXT day...

Here's the deal, it's now February and I'm sure a lot of people's New Years Resolutions of "Getting back in Shape!" or "Losing those last 10 lbs" are no longer top priority.  Well, that is why I personally feel you should decide to make a LIFESTYLE change BEFORE January 1st because it doesn't happen over night.  As I like to clients get RESULTS because #1 I hold them ACCOUNTABLE, #2 they work HARD and #3 they make it a LIFESTYLE.  I can't stand it when I hear someone say "IT just doesn't work..."  Really?!  MOVEMENT...EATING SMART...LIFESTYLE CHANGE doesn't work????  That would be incorrect!  I make it very clear when a potential new client meets with me and can't wait to work with me that if they think I wave magic wands over my clients to get them the AMAZING results they get, they are sadly mistaken.  It's called hard work and determination...and we have fun too!

So here are 5 things that you can do the night before to HELP YOU make it to the gym or your workout wherever that may be the next day:

#1, SLEEP IN YOUR WORKOUT CLOTHES.  Yep!  This actually works!  If you wake up and you're already dressed to workout then you might as well do it, right?!

#2, PACK YOUR GYM BAG THE NIGHT BEFORE AND PUT IT IN YOUR CAR.  If your gym bag is sitting on the front seat of your car when you get into it to go to work, it basically tells you "YOU BETTER TAKE ME TO THE GYM, YOGA STUDIO, BOOTCAMP TODAY!"

#3, SET AN ALARM ON YOUR PHONE.  If it goes off and states "GO WORKOUT!"  It tells you it's time to now FOCUS on your health and fitness for the day.

#4, PUT A PICTURE OF SOMEONE IN A MAGAZINE WHO'S (BLANK) YOU WANT ON YOUR FRIDGE.  The blank can be legs, abs, arms, butt...doesn't matter.  If it's on the fridge, that's just going to motivate you to make a smarter choice on what you choose to eat and want to work out hard that day on whatever area you want to focus on.  Now CAN'T spot reduce, but you can certainly perform exercises that are going to get you closer to achieving your fitness goal.

And finally...#5, PUT MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES IN PLACES YOU CAN'T AVOID SEEING THEM.  On your mirror, "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!"  Which is a sign I actually have up in my fitness studio.  "YOU ARE WORTH IT!"  "FITNESS IS FUN!"  "YOU WILL BE THAT DREAM SIZE!" Etc, etc...whatever statement will motivate you to allow yourself the time to work on getting closer to your Fitness Goal.  Post these on your fridge, mirror, closet, rear view mirror in your car, on your computer...just to name a few spots.

So I hope my FIVE ideas help you figure out how to keep moving towards accomplishing your 2013 FITNESS GOAL!  Just know that YOU CAN AND WILL ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOAL!!

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Thanks for reading, now GET UP and MOVE!!!!

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

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