Thursday, October 31, 2013


Good morning friends!  Today is the day that begins the OFFICIAL season of parties, parties and more parties.  If you work in an office, there's going to be POTLUCK after POTLUCK and after work "holiday season" gatherings, Holiday parties, etc...etc..  This is the day that YOU decide how much Will Power you are going to display to get you through the next couple months.  TODAY marks the day that YOU decide to make your "FIT NOW" YEAR'S RESOLUTION...not in JANUARY.

Here's the deal, I'm sure many of you like myself will be heading out into the "chilly" night of Halloween with your kid(s) to trick or treat.  We always have a traditional Halloween get together at my house where my son invites his closest friends to come enjoy some fun at the house then head out for a fun evening of trick or treating.  Decide NOW to not consume a ton of candy...let your kid(s) enjoy the holiday.  I know some of you are a BIG KID like myself, but gorging on a tone of snack size candy bars isn't worth your waistline beginning the season of "I don't know WHY the scale is suddenly up 5-10 lbs...I don't know why my jeans are so tight...I don't know WHY my energy level is low..." 

Stay STRONG my friends!  Enjoy this beautiful, fun holiday of dressing up and dressing your kid(s) on a day as whoever they/you want to be for the day.  That's what Halloween is all about, right?!  But be sure to MOVE...TODAY!  Make NO EXCUSES as to why you miss your workout today.  Do something!  I will be at my son's school most of the day, so I got up and had an intense Boxing session in my fitness studio because I know I won't be able to make it to my favorite Hot Yoga practice.  If you can't make it to the gym, WALK during your lunch break today.  Drop and do 20-30 pushups, drop and do a 30-60 second plank, stand up and do 100 Jumping jacks.  NO EXCUSES!

That's my advice for today friends!  Now have a blast today and please be safe.  If you're feeling a little guilty because of all the CANDY you consume(d) and live in the East Valley, please come join ME this Saturday at my Results Based Bootcamp at Cosmo Park in Gilbert at 6:30AM.  Check out my 30 second video of what my FUN Bootcamp entails and for more info, check out my website at: .

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!!
As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

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