Thursday, October 25, 2012

Did YOU do something to promote your HEALTH & FITNESS today???!

Good afternoon friends!  It's another beautiful, SUNNY day in's almost Halloween and we're still enjoying 80+ degree days.  So with that being said, I want to talk about my FUN Mommy Bootcampers who come out to my Thursday afternoon "Mommy/Daddy & Me Bootcamp."  Having a small kid(s) can be very time consuming in which you BARELY find time to get in any type of exercise that doesn't involve "Mommy...mommy...MOMMY!"  So to help my Mommies AND Daddies out there who are either off work on Thursdays or who are stay at home Moms/Dads on Thursdays with their day booked with entertaining their little one, I have started a Mommy/Daddy & Me Bootcamp.  Today was just our 3rd week of having it and I've gotta say...I LOVE running it!

Due to the feedback I've received, I've decided to continue it into the Winter months...helloooo COOLER weather!  So today I've decided to show some FUN and I think very CUTE pics of my Bootcampers who come out to Mommy/Daddy & Me here you go!

Here are two of my fun Mommy & Me Bootcampers twin sisters Corissa and Katrina with Corissa's ADORABLE kids!  Hey!  It can be Auntie & Me Bootcamp too!

Fun Mommy Jaime and her MINI-ME Kalli having fun doing's fun for both Mom and child!  Mom adds extra resistance by putting Kalli on her back and Kalli gets a FUN ride!
Mommy Jen EARNED this well-deserved break!
My Bootcampers did 200 PRISONER SQUATS TODAY!!!!  Great job!
BEAR CRAWLS up the hill!!  FUN TIMES!
GREAT JOB Moms and Kiddos!!
My son Pry'nce stretching after PUTTING.IN.WORK!

How CUTE are these little babies AND their Mommies after surviving Bootcamp?!
Hope you enjoyed looking at today's blog of Mommy & Me Bootcamp pictures!  Remember, FITNESS shouldn't be a chore.  It's FUN!  Get your kid(s) and MOVE!  If you live in the Gilbert, AZ area and are interested in attending Mommy & Me Bootcamp on Thursdays...go to my website for more info.  DROP INS are ALWAYS welcome!  No pay as you go.
If you haven't done anything yet to promote your health and fitness today...GET UP and MOVE!!!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out my blog.  If you enjoy it, join TODAY as a follower.
As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

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