Thursday, March 6, 2014

What MOTIVATES you???

Good morning friends!  Are you having a good one so far??  Maybe some of you are just waking up and stretching your arms as you get ready to SPRING out of bed into this fabulous world today.  Or some of you may have already been up for two hours, worked out and just dropped off your kid(s) to school and are headed to work.  Or you may be headed to class for that last FINAL before you anticipate the last couple days before...SPRING BREAK!  Wherever you are at this exact moment, I hope you have a POSITIVE attitude and are ready to see what lies ahead of you in another Day in PARADISE....

So today's blog will be a quick one!  I know, I know my idea of quick is still LONG for some of you...but I will try to be brief.  I just have one question for you today and that is:  WHAT MOTIVATES YOU?  Now I know this is a broad question, so I'll narrow it down.  What motivates YOU to exercise???  Think about it, because it's a really good question to ask yourself.

Spring Break is right around the corner (okay it's NEXT WEEK)!  So is it the fact that..."oh my goodness!  I will be on a boat next week at the lake and GASP!  I have to be in a BIKINI!!"  Or will you be the only one in a TURTLENECK with JEANS on the boat???  Or is it the fact that you have a child(ren) and want to be a good role model?  Let's be real, our kids watch US and mimic us.  If you lay around and watch tv all day and COMPLAIN about how you need to lose weight, but DON'T take your kid(s) to the park or outside to play...then what is that saying to your kid(s)?

Do you have a HIGH STRESS job that you need to clear your head by mid-day so that you can finish the second half of your day like it's 4th Quarter of a CHAMPIONSHIP game and want to be focused and at your very best???  Or do you like to start your day off with a nice workout so that your mind is clear and your attitude is GREAT and ready for what the day has for you?

Look, I'm one of THOSE people who is easily motivated.  Now, maybe that's why I do what I do as a profession.  I absolutely LOVE working out!!  The HARDER, MORE INTENSE the workout...the better!  I love how STRONG I feel mentally AND physically when I'm working out.  I love setting a goal for myself and GOING FOR IT!  I love seeing my body change physically!  And I love being a role model to my son...who by the way, is now a BEAST and can put me through a workout that's not bad at all for a kid that turns 7 years old in 2 DAYS!

So I'll end with this, find WHAT motivates you to exercise?  What motivates you to want to see your kid(s) grow up and graduate from high school...then college?  BEING HEALTHY MAKES EVERYTHING IN LIFE so MUCH BETTER!

Find YOUR motivation TODAY and take the time to MOVE.  You WILL feel better!  You WILL feel good!  And you WILL become one step closer to YOUR Fitness Goal!!!  I myself am headed out to my Hot Yoga Practice...Namaste...

If you live in the East Valley and want to try something NEW, come join ME at 7AM this Saturday at Cosmo Park in Gilbert for my RESULTS BASED BOOTCAMP.  It's only $10 CASH and you are guaranteed to burn a lot of calories! 

Now get out there today and MAKE.IT.HAPPEN!!!  Make it a Happy, Healthy Day!

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

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