Thursday, August 8, 2013


Good morning friends!  I hope all of you are having an absolutely WONDERFUL morning so far.  Today I'm going to blog quickly to my MOMS out there...I mean it is called "Moms!  You can get in shape!"  But I really want to direct this to you Mommies AND Daddies out there today.

Summer is over and our kid(dos) are back in school!  For some of you with FIRST TIMERS (Kindergartners) I say...HANG IN THERE!  CONGRATULATIONS!  And...HOW ARE YOU????  I remember last year when my BABY started Kindergarten and I had to be one of the most DRAMATIC Moms on the planet!  I took a week off from work, I went and hung every morning with him on the playground before school let in and was THAT Mom on the first day with my face pressed against the classroom window as one lonely tear slid down my face and had to literally be dragged away by my husband (on the FIRST day).  So if you found yourself doing that too, as you can see you're not alone!  Now on the flip side I know there are some of you Moms/Dads out there who pulled up to the curb, gave your kid(s) a kiss, handed them their lunchbox and back pack then sent them on their way as you SCREECHED away from the curb...and that's okay too!  This year, I was MUCH better!  I mean it's FIRST grade, he know the ropes...he's outgoing...he's excited...he's done this before.  Well, I only took 2 days off this year but still found myself being a bit DRAMATIC (but he never knew) and I actually felt more excited for him then anything...hey!  I'm a PRO at this now right?!

Okay, I had to share my personal story so that I could now say guess what?!  While your kid(s) is now back in school, guess who it can FINALLY be about?!!  YOU!!!  YES!  DURING THE SCHOOL HOURS...IT'S ABOUT YOU!!!  For those of you Stay at home Moms/Dads, this means you can get back to working on YOUR Fitness Goals and what makes you feel good mentally and physically.  As a matter of fact, you can drop your kid(s) off and head right to your favorite Yoga practice, Personal Training session (most of you with ME), Bootcamp (get back to MINE on Saturdays...hey!  They start EARLY), trail run, etc...etc...

But get back to MOVING!  You have survived the Summer months of non-stop activities, entertainment for your kid(s), family vacations and now it's time to get back to the NORM...and focus on YOU!

So starting TODAY, lay out a FUN workout plan for yourself and what you are going to do to PROMOTE YOUR Health and Fitness...starting NOW!  If you're at some nice neck stretches, roll your shoulders back, inhale/exhale and think about that GREAT workout you're going to do for yourself AFTER work...if that won't work because then it's HOMEWORK or Insert sport activity here practice time right after work, go on a NICE walk during your lunch hour.  Stay at homes...turn on some music today and DANCE!  You're FREE during the day now to work on YOU!  Celebrate that!  Do some planks!  Do some high knees...jumping jacks...push ups...but celebrate YOU!

Now that school is back in session, I will be back to BLOG THURSDAYS on a consistent basis.  Please feel free to let me know if there are any specific fitness related topics you would like me to speak on...and I'll do it!

I'm back to CHANGING LIVES & TOUCHING SOULS thru the POWER OF FITNESS Full-time again...but will continue to dedicate my Thursdays to blogging to you!  If you live in the East Valley area and want to burn some serious calories while having fun, join ME this Saturday at my Bootcamp held at Cosmo Park in Gilbert.  For more details, go to my website:

I'm off to get ready for my favorite HOT YOGA remember MOVE today!  Thanks for reading my thoughts today now make it a Happy, Healthy Day!  Namaste....

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

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