Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting it done!!

So people wonder how I can be so passionate about exercise.  Well here's the's health and wellness's MENTAL health and PHYSICAL health...which results in GOOD health.  One thing I've discovered in life is there are NO guarantees, but if I can do everything possible to control my destiny when it comes to my health and well being...well, I'm gonna do just that!

I've gotta say, working out can truly be fun.  Now my husband thinks I'm crazy which is funny seeing how when we met, he was a professional athlete...NO not a NBA player which one would assume with as passionate as I am about basketball (okay the LAKERS!), but instead was a BMXer/Downhill Mtn Biker which I knew nothing about.  He tells me "you know Famisha, it isn't that fun and not everyone enjoys working out..."  I find this a pretty interesting statement since every time we go on our big family bike rides on a Sunday and I'm grimacing because my thighs are ON FIRE and the wind is blowing hard against us which of course makes your legs burn even MORE...I glance over at him as he pulls our 46lb child in a bike trailer and he's just smiling and enjoying himself like it's no big deal, really?! 

So here's my point for this blog of the week...everyone has their own idea of what is actually FUN when it comes to exercise.  There aren't any RULES...just do it!  I personally love intense bootcamps (which is why I teach them), weight training, cardio on the elliptical but these are "typical" types of text book exercising.  But you know what else is fun exercise?  Turning up the stereo in my home gym and getting my groove on with my four year old son as we dance and dance and laugh and laugh!  We do this sometimes for 20 minutes and guess what...that counts as exercise!

So whatever you do...take the time this weekend and upcoming week to just GET IT DONE!  Find at least 20 minutes to MOVE and get your heart rate up.  Your mind and body will thank you later...I know I'm glad that my Saturday workout is now complete and so it's time to go have some fun with my son for the day who yes, once again CHALLENGED me to an "Ab Crunch off!"  I know he's just a child, but I was not going to let a four year old out crunch me!  So I might be sore later...hahaha!

Thanks as always for taking the time to read my blog and my words of wisdom for the day is GET IT DONE!  Burn some calories this weekend and upcoming week!  And as always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)