Thursday, September 26, 2013


Good morning!  It's a great day to get in shape today!  Well, I really believe EVERY DAY is a great day to get in shape, but I am finally getting excited about it being the FALL season because the weather is dropping to the low 90s and high 80 degrees finally.  Hey!  I live in ARIZONA...we get excited when it's no longer in the 100s around here!

Since the weather is cooling off, it's time to GET UP, GET OUTSIDE and GET MOVING!  Today's blog will showcase an OLDIE but GOODIE "Fitness is Fun with your Kids!" video that Pry'nce and I shot a year ago.  It shows how easy and fun it is to get a good workout by simply walking over to your neighborhood high school.  If there's a football field, there are bleachers which means there is a great workout spot for YOU.  Grab your kid(s) and put on your favorite workout sneakers and get ready to have some Fitness Fun!  ENJOY!!

I hope you enjoyed watching Pry'nce and I give you some outdoor fitness ideas on stuff to do at your local high school. don't ALWAYS need a gym to get a good workout.  You need a GREAT CAN-DO ATTITUDE and the WILL to burn some calories!
If you live in the East Valley and are looking for a way to burn some serious calories while enjoying the GORGEOUS outdoors, come join ME at my Outdoor Bootcamp this Saturday, 9/27 @6:30AM.  For more details, check out my website:
I'm off to Hot Yoga!  So make today and the rest of this week a HAPPY, HEALTHY ONE!  Namaste....
As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Fitness is FUN with your Kids!" video is up!

Good morning friends!  Today I want to share the latest "Fitness is Fun with your Kids!" video.  My 6 year old son Pry'nce and I absolutely LOVE fitness and working out together is always fun too.  One thing I try to always tell my clients who have been training with me for a long time, short time or have just started with me is...Fitness is a LIFESTYLE!  Fitness is a CHOICE.  You can either choose to live a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER life or you can choose to make excuses on why you aren't where you want to be...whether it be a certain size, certain number on the scale, body fat percentage, walk up a flight of stairs without being winded, play with your kid(s) at the park...etc, etc. 

It is NEVER too late!  I hope you take the time to watch today's video (it's about 6 minutes) and either join in with my son Pry'nce as he does a few quick exercises or you take the exercises he demonstrates and perform the amount of repetitions I recommend and do it yourself later on today.  What's even better???  Grab your kid(s) and you all work out together!  A child is never too YOUNG to start having fitness introduced into his or her life.  My son has been watching me work out since he was 3 months old bouncing in his bouncey as his Mommy PUT IN WORK in my home fitness studio!  Just do it!!

I hope you enjoy the video and feel free to share your comments...I am now getting ready to head out to...yep!  My favorite Hot Yoga practice!  So I want to wish you all a very Fabulously, Fitness Filled Week!  Thanks as always for taking the time to read my blog and watch my video!  Namaste...

Enjoy my video!

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Good morning friends!  Can you believe it's THURSDAY already?!  This week has really flown for me, but then again for what I get to do for a living which is CHANGE LIVES and TOUCH SOULS thru the POWER OF FITNESS...there is never a dull moment!  So speaking of fitness, today I'm going to blog about what I'm sure most of you feel has such OBVIOUS reasons on why it is so important to make exercise a big part of your life...and your FAMILY'S life too.

So, I am going to give you my TOP 5 Reasons of why exercise is so important.  I am going to count down from 5.  Are you ready???  Here you go!

#5...RESULTS!  Being able to see your body changing in the mirror is such an exciting time for people who have started an exercise program and maybe haven't made it a part of their life before and are questioning why they are putting themselves through such vigorous exercise programs weekly.  Inches LOST...Scale DROPPING...Bodyfat going DOWN...are all exciting outcomes of dedicating yourself to an exercise program.

#4...Sleep better at night.  Now, the recommended amount of sleep to get in nightly is 7-8 hours.  I know, I my dreams right?!  Well, I am that person who used to get NO LESS than 9 hours of sleep a night, however, with a very busy lifestyle of having a busy career and a very active, involved son who has various after school activities (oh, did I mention he's ONLY 6?!), a husband to chat and enjoy time average sleep at night has dropped to 6-7 hours.  Now a big part of this is also because I get up at 4AM four days a week to start my day off right with a workout BEFORE I train 10-12 clients a day.  So I CAN relate!  But make the EFFORT to get in more than 5 HOURS of sleep and if you're working out on a regular basis, sleeping at night comes easy.

#3...Be able to actually PLAY with your kids!  If you have small children (kids under the age of 12), being able to get down on the floor and build puzzles, play various games, run in the park, throw a ball, and overall CHASE your kid(s) around the house and outside is a beautiful thing.  Plus, always remember WE are remodels to our kid(s).  If we are ACTIVE, our kid(s) will be ACTIVE too. is a LIFESTYLE.

#2...Stronger HEART, LUNGS and BODY.  By moving at least 30 minutes a day, you are adding longevity to your life.  By simply WALKING, you are helping build a stronger HEART.  Whether it's running, cycling, walking, dancing, jumping on an elliptical, kick boxing, and many more types of cardiovascular exercise you are helping build not only a stronger body, but stronger heart and MOVE!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...the #1 reason to exercise DE-STRESS.  The immediate RESULT that you can get from an exercise program is what it does for you MENTALLY.  For that 30-90 minutes of your exercise for that day, you are doing something for YOU and to make a better YOU.  That is such a rewarding feeling!  For that time slot, you have no worries in the world!  It is about YOU and the immediate MENTAL rewards are a beautiful thing.

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 reasons of why you should start an exercise program TODAY.  Now remember, these are MY Top 5.  There are many more positives to incorporating an exercise program into your daily routine, but I wanted to give my Top 5.  So GET UP TODAY and start MOVING!  Don't wait for it to be "New Year's Resolution" time!  Start TODAY!

Well, speaking of is time for me to get ready to head out to my FAVORITE weekly Hot Yoga class.  I absolutely LOVE having 80 minutes dedicated to ME and no one else.  It's a beautiful feeling!  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today and make it a FABULOUS, FAT BURNING WEEK!  Namaste...

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Good morning friends!  I hope you all had a very Happy Labor Day and MOVED your body over the 3 day holiday weekend.'s back to the REAL world of our very busy, hectic lifestyles, right?!  Well, today I'm going to blog quickly about a question I was asked yesterday which is "Famisha, what is a full body circuit that I can do for only 30 minutes?"  Now, most of us are crunched for time and the thought of an hour in the gym can be overwhelming.  So let me help you get the most out of a quick, productive 30 minute workout.  Ready?  Here you go!

Okay, I believe that you should BURN as many calories as possible when you work out and the best way to do that is with bursts of cardio and working EVERY muscle in your body.  So here's my GO-TO CIRCUIT:

Warm-up with 200 Jumping Jacks (at your own pace and remember to BREATHE)
20 Push-ups (modified are fine if you can't do full extension on your toes, just make sure you're on your knees and do NOT cross your ankles).
Plank hold for 30 seconds...or 3 sets of a 10 second hold (in a prone position, bring your body up onto your forearms and up on your toes.  If you have to stay on your knees...that's fine.  Keep your neck straight by looking down at the floor and BREATHE)
2 sets of 20 reps of Squat to Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press with 8 to 10lb free weights
High knees in place for 60 seconds while pumping your arms
2 sets of 20 reps of Tricep dips off a flat bench (bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor as you dip down while bending your elbows and push your body back up by straightening your arms
Mountain Climbers for 60 seconds
Cool down with 5 minutes of walking on the treadmill at a 3-3.3 RPM or 3 laps around the basketball court.

I hope you enjoy your workout and can now enjoy the rest of your day knowing you did something positive to promote your health and fitness.  You also are one step CLOSER to getting to your fitness goal!

Continue asking me fitness questions and I will do my best to blog about them on my Blog Thursdays.  We will be heading into holiday season SOON so it's even more important to get into a fitness routine NOW before the parties begin...

If you enjoy my blog and haven't done so yet, join TODAY as a follower or sign up to receive my blogs via email.  As I always mention, if you live in the East Valley and want to burn 800-1000 calories...come to my Boot camp THIS Saturday at 6AM at Cosmo Park.  For more details, go to my website

"Fitness is Fun with your Kids!" video coming SOON! :-)  I wish you all a very Fabulous, Fitness Filled I've got to go get ready to head out to my favorite Hot Yoga practice.  Namaste my friends...

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)