Thursday, March 29, 2012


Good afternoon my friends!  Hope all of you are taking a moment today to take in the gorgeous afternoon and become excited about Spring coming upon us.  Life is precious, so you must be sure to ALWAYS stop to "smell the roses" and be thankful for the people and things that matter most to YOU.  Hopefully at the top of your list is...YOUR HEALTH.  On that note, let me tell you what today's topic is all about...a couple of my blog followers who are pregnant have asked me "can I do ab exercises when I'm pregnant?  Does it even matter if I do ab exercises when I'm pregnant?  And am I going to hurt my baby because I'm doing ab exercises while I'm pregnant???"

So here's your remember, this is MY personal belief as well as my accredited professional opinion mixed in with my true life experience when I speak on this topic.  YES you can still do ab exercises when you're pregnant!  And YES, doing ab exercises during your pregnancy can actually HELP you in the long run.  Now remember, I am a FIT MOMMY who had a 9lb I know first hand how important being in good shape is to recovering quickly after delivery and enjoying putting all your pre-pregnancy jeans back on SOONER than LATER.

Here's the deal my friends, EXERCISED ABS are much stronger and better able to assist you during labor.  Another plus is strong abs return to their pre-pregnancy state more quickly after you give birth...great news, huh?!

Ab exercises in your 1st Trimester are the simplest of the trimesters because you really aren't limited on what you can do for your abs.  So "traditional" floor crunches along with any and all ab exercises you enjoy doing are fine.  However, when you move into your 2nd and 3rd must NOT do any traditional floor crunches...any crunches in which you are lying flat on your back.  Now what you CAN do are Ball crunches, Sit on the Physio ball and alternate lifting legs to strengthen your abdominal muscles, Side Planks (you know I LOVE planks) and even Prone-iso abs (regular planks on your forearms) or Full extension planks.''

Don't look at your pregnancy as an excuse to stop taking care of your body and limit your exercise.  The only time you should ever do that is if your doctor has ordered you on bed rest or has discussed strict limitations for you during your pregnancy if you are "high risk."  But know that a STRONG CORE will help alleviate lower back pain that must of us get during pregnancy.  One more exercise that you can do in ALL THREE trimesters is the "drawing-in maneuver" which is acting as though there is a string attached to your belly button and it's pulling your belly button straight to your spine.  Trust me even in the 3rd trimester...this STILL works!

Lastly, have NO FEAR if you end up having a C-section.  That is one thing that we cannot control.  You can wish, hope and believe that you will have a natural birth, but really it's up to that baby in your belly on how he or she is going to enter this world.  No one knows that better than ME.  After being a week and a half late, I was induced, went through all the FANTASTIC (sarcasm) contractions and after 15 HOURS was told by my doctor "Sorry, he hasn't moved not one inch, so we're going to have to perform a c-section."  Now for those of you who do know me personally know...I got LOUD and DRAMATIC because a c-section was NOT in my very planned out 10 page Birth Plan that I had handed to the nurse upon my arrival to the hospital to be induced.  Well friends, I had a C-section and let me just say...I got back into all my pre-pregnancy clothes and proudly have my TIGHT ABS back!  And you know why?????  Because I did AB WORK my ENTIRE C-SECTION...NO C-SECTION, it doesn't you treat your body NOW during your pregnancy will determine how quickly you get back into all your favorite cute skinny jeans.

But also remember...during your pregnancy, it's about the life inside you...not YOU.  So be good to your body and get all the proper nutrients you need so both you and the baby can stay nice and healthy!

Since it's such a GORGEOUS day outside, I've decided to show one of my old videos of what to do outside with your kids.  Next Thursday, we will hopefully have a new, fun video to showcase if all goes well...enjoy!
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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hi Friends!  So today I want to talk about never putting something off until "tomorrow" because you never know what the future may hold for you...meaning don't procrastinate and say "Oh, I'll join the gym TOMORROW" or "I'll go to that yoga class TOMORROW"  "I will hire that trainer TOMORROW"  "I'll stop smoking TOMORROW" "I'll play with my kids TOMORROW" etc, etc...

Here's the deal my friends, LIFE is precious and if you have a goal for yourself to start living a much HEALTHIER life and spending more time with your loved ones then start it TODAY.   Last Friday, I almost had my life taken away from me by a negligent driver.  By having to REST my body as I recover and NOT be allowed to workout per both my doctors this week, it has allowed me time to reflect on my life.  I am truly blessed with such a wonderful family, friends and many acquaintances that are or have been a huge part of my life.  Let me tell you...I didn't realize how much a HUGE part of my life FITNESS was until this recent event occurred in my life.

When you are a SELF-PROCLAIMED FITNESS FREAK like myself, hearing the words "you CAN'T exercise, your body needs to heal" is like telling a Chocolate Lover.."you can go into that Chocolate Factory but you can't have a bite of any chocolate!"  It's been hard not being able to do what I love MOST (besides hanging out with my beautiful family of course) and that's CHANGE LIVES and TOUCH SOULS THRU THE POWER OF FITNESS.  This week has been a rough one, dealing with the intense pain in my neck and back and walking around like I'm in my 90s...all bent over!   But you know what??!  I have my LIFE and that is one thing that helps get me through a week of ZERO FITNESS...I know that I will eventually heal and will be able to do what I love again which is EXERCISE, PLAY WITH MY SON, BIKE RIDE WITH MY HUBBY and TRAIN MY AWESOME CLIENTS one on one and at my various bootcamps.

So what is today's blog really all about you ask???'s just to say that I love FITNESS...but even more so...I LOVE MY LIFE! 

Please don't put off your fitness goal and shove it onto tomorrow's "TO-DO LIST."  Instead, carve out maybe 5-10 minutes throughout the day and do something positive for your health and fitness.  Even if it's giving yourself a good stretch, going for a walk around your office building, throwing a frisbee with your kid(s), flying a kite with your kid(s), taking a Yoga class, or just going for a walk and stopping to smell the roses.  JUST DO IT!

Today, I decided to post my video with my son Pry'nce and I demonstrating various stretches that you should try and do today.  I figure besides icing along with the heating pad and physical therapy sessions...MAYBE I can try and do a few of the stretches that we demonstrate as I heal from my accident.  Enjoy the video!
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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Happy Fitness day to you!  So as always, I completed another one of my fun workouts which consisted of 90 minutes of cardio combined with weight training, core work and foam rolling.  Feeling great and have already been outside today enjoying this beautiful 80+ degree day with my son!  Now, I want to talk about my 5 favorite exercises for two different areas that my blog followers have asked me to speak on...ready?  Let's do it!

Okay, almost every woman I speak to who has had kids, never had kids or are considering having kids has asked me "how do I get my abs back?!  How do I tighten my abs so I look great in my bikini for Spring Break?!"  Well, I am going to tell you the FFF's...Five Famisha Favorites!

Counting down from #5...Ball Crunch, sit on a physio ball (45cm, 55cm, 65cm are the three different sizes and an average height female should be on a 55cm and a tall woman who is 5'9" to over 6 ft like myself should choose the 65cm ball) and walk yourself forward making sure the ball placement is at mid-back.  Place your hands gently behind your head supporting your neck or cross your arms in front of you and gently crunch your abs up.  Imagine you are pushing your belly button back into the ball as you crunch up.

#4...Bicycles...lay on the floor in a supine position (facing the ceiling/sky) and gently support your neck.  Bring your left knee in to touch your right elbow and switch to right knee to left elbow.  The straighter and lower your legs are to the ground, the harder you are working your abs.  I love these because they target your oblique (side of your abs) muscles...and helps you get rid of those love handles!  If you have lower back issues, then raise your straight leg up so it isn't parallel to the floor.

#3...Prone-iso abs...otherwise known as a PLANK.  Lay down in a prone position (facing down), bend your elbows and support yourself on your forearms with your hands comfortably in a blade position.  Keep your legs straight and bring your body up on your toes, lower your hips down and ENGAGE your  pull your belly button to your spine and hold.  If you are doing this exercise for the first time, then do it in a modified position on your knees.  Start off with 3-6 sets of 10 second holds eventually working your way up to 30 second holds.

#2...Side Planks...same as the plank above except this time, you're on your side.  It's the same principle, bend your arm while lying on your side.  Bend your elbow and gently bring your hips up off the ground, open your shoulder up so that your body is in a straight line and hold.  Modified is dropping your lower leg down and keeping your top leg straight....ENGAGE your abs.  Hold each side for 10 seconds each (3 sets each) working your way up to 30 second holds.

#1...My ALL TIME FAVORITE is....the Full Extension Plank.  Straighten your arms out with your shoulders over your hands, with your hands flat on the ground and go up on your toes...lower your hips, ENGAGE your abs, squeeze your glutes and hold.  I LOVE THIS ONE!  It is such a powerful position because you can feel your shoulders working and everything feels great!  Hold this full extension plank for 10 seconds working your way up to 30 seconds and do 3 sets.  Eventually, you can progress this and the other planks listed by lifted your legs, alternating legs, alternating arms, etc, etc.

The 2nd bodypart highly requested is...ARMS!  Let's face it girls...and guys, SPRING is pretty much here!  At least if you live on the West Coast it Arizona, it's 83 degrees today.  With this type of weather, you WANT to be wearing your cutest tank top or t-shirt.  So let's get those arms ready to be SEEN!

#5...Shoulders, believe it or not, if you sculpt your shoulders the rest of your arms will look fabulous!  So that makes me go to one of my very favorite exercises which is:  Lateral Raises.  Grab 2 1/2 to 5 lb dumb bells OR if you don't have weights...grab 2 bottled waters and put one in each hand.  Standing with your shoulders back and your abs engaged, slowly raise your arms (which are straight but slightly bent) out to your sides up to shoulder height and gently bring them back down to your side.  Do no less than 15 reps for 3 to 4 sets...this will target your deltoid muscle which is the "cuff" part of your shoulder that shows definition in your arms.

#4...Push-ups, yep you read it...PUSH-UPS!  If you are a beginner, then go to the easiest type which is go wide and on your knees (which is called modified push-ups, but do NOT cross your ankles).  Why are push-ups so great you ask?!  Well, they not only sculpt your arms, but they also sculpt your chest AND back plus your abs are working too!  So bring your arms out wider than your body and bring your body down with your face almost touching the floor and exhale as you push yourself back up.  Do NO LESS than 10 reps...but if you can, shoot for 15 reps...3 sets!

#3...Bicep curls, grab some free weights OR bottled waters and stand with your feet hip width apart.  In a smooth motion, bring both arms up in which the weights touch your shoulders in front and go back down to a full extension.  Exhale as you curl up, inhale as you bring your arms down.  Do 3 sets of 15 reps...if you really want to TONE up, go for 20-30reps...but if you're a beginner, then do at least the 15reps.

#2...Tricep dips, grab a sit on the edge of the chair with both arms behind you and roll your shoulders back and RELAX your shoulders.  Walk yourself out in front of the chair and with your knees bent slowly dip your body down and bend your arms where your arms are now in a 90 degree angle and push right back up.  This will take care of that JIGGLE that everyone FEARS having when they wave to someone.  DIPS ARE THE ANSWER MY FRIENDS!  I love them and they work!  So grab a chair and do 3 sets of 15-20 reps...enjoy those tight and tone arms.

#1...Finally, my all time favorite arm exercise are CROSS PUNCHES.  Stand with your feet hip width apart and go into a slight squat position.  Bend your arms and bring your hands which are in fists up to your CROSS PUNCH while keeping your body facing forward and your stance in a slight squat do your air punches crossing them in front of your body.  For beginners, do 3 sets of 20 each side (40 total) and for NON-beginners do 3 sets of 50 each side (100 total)...and after 3 weeks, all I have to say to you is...YOU'RE WELCOME! ;-)

I hope you enjoyed today's 5 top exercises for your ABS and ARMS...start these exercises TODAY.  Please feel free to share with me any difference you see in your body and how you're enjoying incorporating these into your workout routines.  I've got many more, but once again wanted to give you my FAVORITE 5 for each body part requested by my followers.

Today's video gets you OUTSIDE and MOVING with your kid(s).  If you have gorgeous weather, then enjoy it by doing something good for your health and fitness.  Remember, exercise can and should be do it! 
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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hello friends!  Today will be a quick one because my "baby" turned FIVE YEARS OLD today and today will be a special day of celebrating which will of course carry into the weekend.  For you Moms (and Dads) out there with little ones too, remember when our "babies" were just that....BABIES?!  Next thing you know, your registering them for KINDERGARTEN!  This is definitely a MONUMENTAL year for my household as we prepare for our "baby" to enter ENJOY each and every moment of your kid(s) being a baby because time sure does FLY by!!

So today, I want to talk about how FUN FITNESS can be!  Here's the deal my friends, Spring is right around the corner and if you live in Arizona or California, you are already starting to move all your cute sleeveless tops/tanks and shorts to the front of your closet.  So what does that truly mean?!  It means, you want to be COMFORTABLE in your clothes and feel good about how you MOVE!

Working out can be fun; especially when it doesn't feel like working out.  Do you have a membership to a gym?  Try a ZUMBA class!  Zumba is tons of fun and you can burn 500 calories if you keep moving NON-STOP and it doesn't hurt that you're smiling too...which helps make it FUN!  If you don't have a gym membership, have no fear!  Turn that stereo up in your home, grab your kid(s) and get moving!  Dancing and laughing with your kid(s) can be a lot of fun...and guess what?!  That is actually WORKING OUT!

Here's the deal, get OUTSIDE to a green belt and run, jump, skip, and play with your kid(s) for NO LESS than 30 minutes and watch your waistline SHRINK!!!  Not only are you doing something positive for your health and fitness, but you're doing something positive for your kid(s) health and fitness MOVE!

The bottomline is this, FITNESS is what you make of decide what type of exercise you want to do and if you're limited on time, INVOLVE your kid(s) and make it a family affair!  My motto that I always say in ALL my Bootcamps and personal training sessions with clients is FITNESS IS FUN!  And YES, I actually mean it!  So GET UP and GET MOVING TODAY!!! 

Today's video is one that my son Pry'nce and I shot a few weeks ago that shows how much fun fitness can be enjoy!  Also, if you don't own worries!  Use rocks instead, improvise and have fun!!!
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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Good afternoon!  Today's blog is on a topic that one of my amazing blog followers has asked me to speak on which is "what am I supposed to eat when I'm on-the-go so much?!"  Well, from one busy mom to many more of you busy moms, dads, and fitness friends in general, I know how easy it is to take care of everyone else EXCEPT for yourself.  Why is it so easy to make sure you feed your kid(s) nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner before realizing what is that I hear....oh, it's MY stomach.  It's your stomach alright, telling you off for not feeding it!

Here's the deal, as I'm sure most of you moms/dads like myself always have your purse/bag filled with snacks for any "emergency" situation that may arise where you are stuck in a line longer than you wish to be and your kid(s) start tugging on you saying "Mommy/Daddy, I'm HUNNNNGGGRRYYY" and you proudly reach into your purse/bag and grab out in my case a Nutrigrain bar (my son LOVES those things), or a small box of raisins, small baggie of Fruit snacks and a water bottle filled with ice cold water.  Oh yeah, I've got it covered when it comes to those "Emergency" food/snack situations for my child.

But what about YOU???!  Well, here's some quick snack suggestions to throw into your purse/bag for yourself so you don't find yourself fighting over the box of raisins with your kid(s), thus causing a scene!  Here you go...bananas are quick and easy and unless you peel it and don't eat it right away will stay fresh and won't spoil if not eaten right away, apples are good and provide energy along with the banana because both are complex carbs which equal ENERGY.  As I mentioned earlier, Nutrigrain bars are good and can be eaten by both yourself and your kid(s) and provide excellent nutrients.  A small baggie of raw almonds (serving size), bag of grapes, APEX fit bar (150 calories), Luna bar (also 120-150 calories), carrot sticks, sugar snap peas and a baggie of trail mix (MINUS the M&Ms and sugary fruits...pick those out and just eat the dried banana chips, unsalted cashews and cranberries).  Don't forget your bottled water or bottle of ice water in your car too!

Now if you still don't see anything that you would like to eat that I've listed above...then find your own favorite "go-to" nutrition bar and fruits that don't require refrigeration and throw them into your purse/bags.  As you are driving your kid(s) all over town to their various activities, you need to keep your energy up!

Remember, you are IMPORTANT too!  So don't waste empty drive-thru calories and money on what you could replace with smarter and healthier choice snacks that you can just always keep on you in those moments you realize, "hmmm....I'm hungry, sure glad I have one of my snacks with me."

Hope this helps when you get ready in a couple of hours to start running your kid(s) all over town!  No video this week...but stay tuned for a new one next week!  Feel free to go back to past blogs if you want to check out some fun ways to get your kid(s) involved in fitness, because FITNESS IS FUN!  'Til next time...

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