Thursday, January 30, 2014


Good morning friends!  I hope you are all having an absolutely FABULOUS morning so far.  Today's blog will be a quick is JANUARY 30, 2014 and I have one question for you:  How is your Fitness Goal for 2014 going????  Now after working as a Professional Life Changer (Nationally Certified Personal Trainer) for 12 years now, I have seen it all.  EVERY January, the gyms are PACKED with people who say "THIS is the year I decide to GET.IN.SHAPE!"  I have mentioned to you in previous blogs that I do not believe in personally making New Year's Resolutions because I enjoy setting goals for myself QUARTERLY throughout the year rather than wait for the NEW year to hit!

Since the first month of 2014 is almost complete, where are you in your fitness goal?  January is ALWAYS a busy time of year for me personally with new people ready for me to change their life and touch their soul thru the POWER of FITNESS along with my "Lifers" who are continuing to work on their Fitness Goals while setting new fun ones along the way.  Where do you stand?  If you find yourself starting to slack off...I say, don't give up!  Remember, it's all about the JOURNEY!  As I tell my weight loss clients, it's a MARATHON not a SPRINT...

My advice to you is take a "selfie" of yourself every 4 weeks of your progress.  Don't be shy!  Do can take it so you can see that YOU are getting one step closer to where YOU want to be in your Fitness Goal.  Is it to be STRONGER?  LEANER?  LOSE 1-2 lbs a week?  GAIN Muscle?  Run a 1/2 to full Marathon?  LOSE the BABY weight?  There are many, many more goals...if I haven't named one of yours, WRITE IT DOWN to remind yourself that this is important to YOU and you are on your way! 

Now since I'm talking about taking a SELFIE, let me post a pic of me TODAY after I had a killer Boxing workout!  I like the feeling of my muscles aching and pumping after I get done with a tough workout...WARNING:  I'm not wearing any makeup and I'm not posing like it's a Modeling photo shoot.  I'm just standing there saying to myself, "Girl, you ROCKED your Boxing session and you WILL feel this tomorrow!"  See pic below:

Hey!  This is to remind myself that HARD WORK IS WHAT IT TAKES!  And I just worked hard...892 calories burned!

If you're looking for a fun CHALLENGE to do at your own pace, LIKE my Glisten Girls Fitness Facebook page and join in on the GET RIPPED ABS Challenge that has been going on all month.  It's never too late to start!  This Saturday is the last day of it, but scroll back to DAY 1 and go at your own pace.  By the end of this, you will feel STRONGER, feel LEANER and be impressed with how long you can hold a plank!  You will also feel inches lost around your waistline.  But MUST consume 64 ounces of water a day and get in at least 5-6 servings of Fruits/Veggies a day.  Healthy eating is key!

Also, join ME this Saturday at Cosmo Park in Gilbert for my RESULTS Based Boot camp which only costs $10 CASH at 7AM!  If you know you will be attending a Superbowl party this weekend, be sure to BURN, BURN, BURN some serious calories so you can ENJOY yourself!

I hope you enjoyed today's blog and if you'd like to join as a follower, do so TODAY.  Be sure to MOVE today and keep your Fitness Goal ALIVE!  It's never too late to get started...

Have a HAPPY, HEALTHY day!!!

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Good morning friends!  Today's blog will be short and sweet...this is a month that most of you decide to make a HEALTHY change in your life!  Sleep more...Smile more...Drink more water...Exercise more...Get back to your pre-pregnancy body...Put on LEAN MUSCLE...Run a marathon...and the list goes on and on...

If I mentioned one of YOUR goals for 2014 or haven't, I have one thing to say:  CELEBRATE THE JOURNEY!  Each day that you get one step closer to your goal is a WIN!  Do not put a bunch of pressure on yourself.  If you are new to exercise...or it's been a LONG time, then give yourself a HIGH FIVE for completing 5 minutes, 10 minutes...or however long you completed your FIRST day of making FITNESS a part of your life.  Too many times people expect INSTANT GRATIFICATION as I say to my clients "it's a MARATHON not a SPRINT!"  If you slip up and don't accomplish what you wanted to that day, then find what the POSITIVE was from your day. 


Each day you will get one step closer to achieving a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER YOU!  If you interested in joining in on a fun challenge with other people all over the United States, then join in on the GET RIPPED ABS Challenge that I have started on my business Glisten Girls Fitness facebook page.  Every day this month, I am giving 4 ab exercises for you to do 4 sets of...after you do it, post DONE!  It's fun to join in with other people who have accepted the challenge of a smaller, tighter mid-section.  Now remember...6 PACK ABS are made in the kitchen, so be sure to get in 64 ounces of water EVERYDAY along with 5-6 servings of FRUITS/VEGGIES.

THIS IS ME!! :-)

HAVE FUN!  SMILE...and CELEBRATE THE JOURNEY!!!!  If you want to join ME for a fun, high calorie burning workout and you live in the East Valley, come to my RESULTS BASED Outdoor Boot camp located at Cosmo Park in Gilbert Arizona.  It starts at 7AM and is only $10 CASH.  To check out a clip of it, go to my website

Now, I'm off to my Hot yoga make today a GREAT DAY!  Thanks as always for taking the time to read my blog!!

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's a GREAT day to GET IN SHAPE!!!!

Good morning friends!  I hope you are all having an absolutely FABULOUS start of the NEW YEAR!  Have you started a new workout routine?  New plan of drinking 64 ounces of water each day?  New goal to SMILE more often?  Doesn't matter what it is...make each and every day a day that you do something to have a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER day!  Now as I mentioned last week, I am not a big believer in making a "New Year's Resolution."  I personally like to make small GOALS for myself throughout the year.  Rather than put pressure on myself to do something for ONE month and make it happen, I take joy in setting small ones throughout the year.  How about YOU?

So for those of you who have decided to commit to making 2014 a year of being FIT and FABULOUS, how is that going?  Remember, being FIT doesn't just happen over night.  Celebrate the JOURNEY...celebrate the sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT of getting through 10 minutes of something you have never done before...EVERY STEP towards your fitness journey counts!

Now, I'm human just like the rest of you...there are mornings that I think " don't really need to get up at 4AM today and work out, just do it after your last late afternoon client."  Then I say, "Nope!  I am going to be so glad I started my day off right with a high calorie burn and now have tons of energy to get ready to change my clients lives starting with my 6AM client."  And you know what???  It takes me 10 minutes into my workout before I start to feel those endorphins kick in and that great feeling of knowing that not only will I see the RESULTS on the outside but INSTANTLY my mind is clear and stress free because I have had my workout for the day.

Fitness is a LIFESTYLE...not a FAD.  So don't expect a 6 pack in a week...don't expect to drop 10lbs in a week...this isn't the Biggest Loser, this is REAL LIFE.  Every day that you do something to promote your health and fitness, you bring yourself one step CLOSER to a Healthier, Happier YOU!

This picture is what I tell myself EVERYDAY....

The bottom line is, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.  So if you want to become more FIT, saying "I'll start TOMORROW because I'm just too busy today," will not get you there.  Even if it's just for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes or more a day...YOU have helped yourself get one step closer to YOUR Fitness Goal!
If you're on Facebook and want to join in on a fun, GET RIPPED ABS Challenge that I started this past Monday..."LIKE" the Glisten Girls Fitness Facebook page and do the AB workout for the day and then post "DONE!" once you have completed it for the day.  You must do all the sets and they only take about 10 minutes to complete, so have FUN with it! 
If you live in the East Valley, join ME this Saturday for my Outdoor Boot camp located at Cosmo Park in Gilbert at 7AM and the cost is only $10 CASH.  This is for ALL Fitness levels and let me tell you, once you finish my Boot camp, you definitely feel a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT.  For more info and to see a 30 second clip of what my boot camp entails, go to my website:  The clip is actually on the home page towards the bottom of the screen.
Well, today is HOT YOGA practice day for me (YAY!!) so I've gotta get ready to head out to my yoga practice.  Thanks as always for taking the time to read my blog and feel free to share any comments or ask any questions you may have.  I absolutely LOVE fitness and can't imagine NOT making it a huge part of my and my family's life.  Make today a day of ACCOMPLISHMENT and know that YOU.CAN.DO.IT!!!
I promise to post a "Fitness is Fun with your Kids!" clip next week...sorry it's not up today.  You may go to YOUTUBE and see previous videos of my son and I for ideas on how to incorporate fitness into you and your kid(s) lives.
As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Good morning friends and HAPPY 2014!!!!  Today marks the 2nd day of a NEW year with new goals, dreams and accomplishments that WILL be had.  Now, I'm not that person who sets a "New Year's Resolution" because I believe in setting goals for myself throughout the year rather than WAIT for a new year to hit.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking those of you who do decide that when the clock strikes midnight and you roll into a new year...THIS will be the year you accomplish A,B,C.  More power to you! 

Now, 2014 represents the 12th year I have had the honor to CHANGE people's LIVES thru the POWER of FITNESS.  I have now been a Fitness Professional holding many credentials and brag worthy achievements IN the fitness industry for 12 years.  WOW!!  Time certainly does fly when you're having fun!  Since I've been working in this industry for so long, I have seen how PACKED the gym is at the beginning of the year...EVERYBODY decides THIS is the year that they will lose those extra baby weight pounds, "Freshman 15," Happily married pounds, run a half-marathon, try out for a sports team, NOT let a special condition (ie:  arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc) keep them from MOVING goals.  And I say...GREAT!  Set that goal for yourself and know that YOU.CAN.DO.IT!

If you have weight to lose, set short and realistic goals for yourself to avoid getting frustrated.  Celebrate the journey not the FINAL OUTCOME because anything you set your mind to CAN and WILL be accomplished if you stay focused and have the right guidance in getting you there.

This time of year is definitely a busy one for me personally because I have my current AMAZING clients who have decided to make fitness a part of their lifestyle and then I always start working with new clients who are ready to MAKE.IT.HAPPEN!  To the new clients starting with me I say "hold on to your seatbelts, you are in for one FUN, SELF ACCOMPLISHING, FAMAZING ride!"

Make 2014 a year that you give yourself credit on a DAILY BASIS.  No one is perfect...if you don't have an HOUR to workout today, that's okay!  Move for 10 minutes today...every little bit COUNTS!
You can do something positive for your health from the comfort of your home.  Just move!  If you are looking for professional guidance and don't want to leave your home, look into Virtual Training.  I provide this service to clients all over the United States.  It's a CUSTOMIZED program that caters to YOUR lifestyle.  If you want more information on this, you may email me at  If you live  in the East Valley and are looking for an affordable yet RESULTS BASED group environment, come join ME this Saturday (January 4th) at my Outdoor Boot camp located at Cosmo Park (2502 E. Ray Road) in Gilbert at 7AM.  There are many options out there!

I now have to get ready to head out to my favorite Hot Yoga practice which I'm sure will be packed with New Year's resolutioners, so let me leave you with this before I head out....decide TODAY to make 2014 a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER YOU!!!  YOU are worth it!  Some days WILL be hard, yet NEVER GIVE UP!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog of 2014!!  Next week, my son Pry'nce and I will be shooting our first "Fitness is Fun with your Kids!" video of 2014, so stay tuned...Namaste...


As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)