Thursday, March 27, 2014

YOU are responsible for 24 hours/7 days a week when it comes to reaching YOUR Fitness Goal!

Good morning friends!!  And what a BEAUTIFUL morning it is.  It's a GREAT day to get in shape!  Today is going to be short and sweet...frankly, to the point.  In my profession as a Professional Life Changer (ie:  Master Personal Trainer), it becomes a broken record of repeating constantly to clients...what YOU do the other 23 hours of the day that you're NOT with me is either going to help guide you on the right path to success in achieving your fitness goal OR it's going to hold you back from reaching it as quickly as you would like.

It's very simple.  As a Fitness Freak, I don't need to have someone telling me to work hard in my get up and get in my car so I can push myself hard in Hot wake up at 3:50AM EVERYDAY for my own personal workout.  I JUST DO IT!  WHY do I do it???  Because Fitness is a very IMPORTANT part of my life.  I like the way I feel when I'm pushing myself to the limit.  I like seeing my muscle definition when I perform exercises.  I like how my clothes fit.  I like being a great example to my son of how to live a HEALTHY life.  I like having my husband PROUD to have me on his arm.  I like being able to run, jump and play with my son.  THESE are all very important, yet simple reasons why I am self-motivated to workout and EAT RIGHT.

Now fortunately, not EVERYONE is like me or I wouldn't have the successful career that I have had for over 12 years now.  But what is nice, is to see clients that work with me over the years become more CONFIDENT, get their eating habits together, be able to PLAY with their kid(s), get their spouse and kid(s) involved in a fitness program...yes, THIS is a very rewarding job!

But one thing ALL OF YOU must remember...especially if you do work with a Personal Trainer, it is not OUR fault as a Fitness Professional if you choose to eat UNHEALTHY during the day.  Not consuming 5-6 servings of fruits/veggies a day or drink 64 ounces of water a day.  I mean, I have heard EVERY excuse in the book!  "The scale is up because YOU have me drinking so much water."  "YOU don't understand how busy I am Famisha!"  "I don't have time to do cardio on my OFF day."  I could seriously go on and on.  Look, if YOU want it bad enough...YOU MAKE THE TIME.  You put healthy, nutritious snacks in baggies (it's NOT hard), you prepare your week's meals on Sunday nights, you wake up BEFORE your spouse and kid(s) to workout and have your "me" time.  You drink WATER instead of DIET COKE, Starbucks, iced tea, etc...etc..  It's up to YOU...NO ONE ELSE.

YOU are responsible for 24 hours a day/7 days a week of achieving SUCCESS on achieving your Fitness Goal.  Stop making excuses!  Stop being mad at your Trainer because he/she IS disciplined!  Stop hoping and wishing for that MAGIC PILL!  Get up...get moving...and FUEL your body properly.  It is!!!

So I hope you take what you read today and take a look in the mirror and ask yourself "how IMPORTANT is my fitness goal to ME???"  If it's important, then step up and make the decision to do everything possible to reach it!  BE HONEST with yourself!  And don't log ONLY the healthy food you want your trainer to see that you ATE...the scale doesn't LIE.  So be honest.  Don't point the finger at anyone else...but YOURSELF.  YOU.CAN.DO.IT!!

It's time for me to do some foam rolling before I head out to my favorite Hot Yoga practice, so make today the day you grab onto the reins and say "I WILL do everything possible to make TODAY a successful day of getting one step closer to MY fitness goal."  I know YOU CAN DO IT!

Thanks as always for taking the time to read my blog...NAMASTE...

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Good morning, good morning my friends!  So far it is a BEAUTIFUL one indeed.  For you college basketball fanatics, today marks the FIRST day of March Madness (one of my FAVORITE times of the year) and games go ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT.  For those of you who couldn't care less, today marks another day closer to SUMMER WEATHER.  So...are YOU ready?  Are all your cute summer clothes pushed to the FRONT of your closet?  Or are they stuffed in the back with the hopes of summer coming SLOWLY rather than quickly???

Well, for those of us living on the West Coast...especially Arizona, we are having FABULOUS weather.  I LOVE warm, hot weather!  Sunshine makes me happy and I love the lighter clothing that the season brings.  As a matter of fact, I have been wearing TANK TOPS since Winter!!

So today I want to blog about how important it is to MAKE.THE.TIME to exercise!!  If warmer weather doesn't motivate you to exercise, what does?  Is it the fact that you want to go on a bike ride with your kid(s) after school today?  You want to go out dancing this weekend and NOT get out of breath before the first song ends?  You want to walk up your flight of stairs at home and not feel pressure in your chest from being out of breath?  FIND YOUR MOTIVATION and MAKE THE TIME!

I know, I know...I'm always YELLING aren't I?  But I can't help it!  I am very passionate about Fitness and living a healthy LIFESTYLE.  Life is just so much better when you are able to de-stress by simply going for a walk during your lunch break at work.  Taking an hour and having it all be about YOU while you train with me during a customized session.  Stand up and STRETCH in the middle of your day so that you get the blood flowing...all that matters is that you MAKE THE TIME.

My blog is entitled "Moms!  You CAN get in shape!" for a reason.  As Moms, we live VERY busy lifestyles.  For myself personally, I own my own business and start my day at 4AM during the week with a workout, take care of my in studio clients, virtual training clients, return emails, phone calls then put my FULL TIME MOMMY hat on, volunteer at my son's school and focus on my son after school with homework, soccer practice, going to the park, making lunch for the next day and then preparing dinner, bath time...oh and answer texts from clients (because when you OWN your own business you work MORE than a normal business day....but I LOVE IT), have quality time with my hubby, put my son to bed, go to bed and oh yes, start it all over again the NEXT day.  Does this sound familiar?  For those of you Moms out there who do NOT work full time but have 3 or more kids, it can be just as crazy.  To you I say, MAKE THE TIME!  Your kids and spouse will be thankful you did.

Let's face it, when WE have taken the time to do something positive for our mind and body we are able to handle the rest of the craziness of our day.  So today, make the decision to get in some form of exercise.  You will be happy you did!  Mentally you will feel great about yourself and physically, you will see a change in your body if you stick with it...and eat healthy everyday.  Fuel your body are what you eat and if you give yourself HEALTHY CHOICES...then you will give your FAMILY healthy choices too.  Fruits/veggies and water will help you feel better too...but I'll save my healthy eating lecture for another blog.  ;-)

Finally, I will say if you take anything away from my blog today...let it be THIS, there are 24 HOURS in a day.  You can carve away 5, 10, 20, 30 or even 60 minutes today to do something for your health and fitness.  MAKE THE TIME!!

I myself am going to get ready to head out to my favorite 80 minute Hot Yoga practice before an afternoon of volunteering at my son's school.  So thanks as always for taking the time to read my blog!  Feel free to share any comments you may have and if you haven't done so yet, join TODAY as a follower of my blog.  'Til next time...NAMASTE...

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

What MOTIVATES you???

Good morning friends!  Are you having a good one so far??  Maybe some of you are just waking up and stretching your arms as you get ready to SPRING out of bed into this fabulous world today.  Or some of you may have already been up for two hours, worked out and just dropped off your kid(s) to school and are headed to work.  Or you may be headed to class for that last FINAL before you anticipate the last couple days before...SPRING BREAK!  Wherever you are at this exact moment, I hope you have a POSITIVE attitude and are ready to see what lies ahead of you in another Day in PARADISE....

So today's blog will be a quick one!  I know, I know my idea of quick is still LONG for some of you...but I will try to be brief.  I just have one question for you today and that is:  WHAT MOTIVATES YOU?  Now I know this is a broad question, so I'll narrow it down.  What motivates YOU to exercise???  Think about it, because it's a really good question to ask yourself.

Spring Break is right around the corner (okay it's NEXT WEEK)!  So is it the fact that..."oh my goodness!  I will be on a boat next week at the lake and GASP!  I have to be in a BIKINI!!"  Or will you be the only one in a TURTLENECK with JEANS on the boat???  Or is it the fact that you have a child(ren) and want to be a good role model?  Let's be real, our kids watch US and mimic us.  If you lay around and watch tv all day and COMPLAIN about how you need to lose weight, but DON'T take your kid(s) to the park or outside to play...then what is that saying to your kid(s)?

Do you have a HIGH STRESS job that you need to clear your head by mid-day so that you can finish the second half of your day like it's 4th Quarter of a CHAMPIONSHIP game and want to be focused and at your very best???  Or do you like to start your day off with a nice workout so that your mind is clear and your attitude is GREAT and ready for what the day has for you?

Look, I'm one of THOSE people who is easily motivated.  Now, maybe that's why I do what I do as a profession.  I absolutely LOVE working out!!  The HARDER, MORE INTENSE the workout...the better!  I love how STRONG I feel mentally AND physically when I'm working out.  I love setting a goal for myself and GOING FOR IT!  I love seeing my body change physically!  And I love being a role model to my son...who by the way, is now a BEAST and can put me through a workout that's not bad at all for a kid that turns 7 years old in 2 DAYS!

So I'll end with this, find WHAT motivates you to exercise?  What motivates you to want to see your kid(s) grow up and graduate from high school...then college?  BEING HEALTHY MAKES EVERYTHING IN LIFE so MUCH BETTER!

Find YOUR motivation TODAY and take the time to MOVE.  You WILL feel better!  You WILL feel good!  And you WILL become one step closer to YOUR Fitness Goal!!!  I myself am headed out to my Hot Yoga Practice...Namaste...

If you live in the East Valley and want to try something NEW, come join ME at 7AM this Saturday at Cosmo Park in Gilbert for my RESULTS BASED BOOTCAMP.  It's only $10 CASH and you are guaranteed to burn a lot of calories! 

Now get out there today and MAKE.IT.HAPPEN!!!  Make it a Happy, Healthy Day!

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)