Thursday, January 7, 2016

HAPPY 2016 TO YOU!!!!

Good morning friends and most importantly HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  It is day 7 into the new year and I have decided to get back onto blogging at least ONCE a month.  Is that cool with you?  Hope so!  If I can help offer you tips, advice, "keeping it real" moments, etc to you on a monthly basis...then I'm good!

How is your 2016 going so far?  Like most people have you decided to make a resolution to "GET FIT?!"  Lose weight?!  Work out more?!  Eat healthier?!  Or all the above?!  Well, if so...good for you!  But some advice...ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!  Now, I have been in the fitness biz for almost 15 years (this April will mark 15 years that I have been CHANGING LIVES and TOUCHING SOULS) as a Certified Fitness Professional for 15 years.  In the industry, I have met and had the honor to work with 1000s, YES I said THOUSANDS of people thru either one of my many fitness classes (boot camp, hip hop and step) or thru one on one personal training, group training or buddy training.  There is one thing that remains CONSTANT...everyone starts off with a GOAL.  Saying your goal is's doing what it takes to reach it that makes it a bit tricky for most.

Here's my advice for YOU on Day 7 of this new, beautiful year of 2016:  Say to yourself EVERY morning when you wake up "Today, I am going to schedule in the time to do A, B or C."  If your goal is to WORKOUT today and you aren't already on a consistent schedule of doing so, then be REALISTIC.  Make today the day that you decide to carve out 10 MINUTES (yes, I said 10 minutes) to do 15 jumping jacks, 20 squats, 25 floor crunches, 50 mountain climbers and a 10 SECOND plank.  Rest and repeat 3-5 more times.  It's not much...but it's SOMETHING.  You will feel as though you have accomplished something that will get you one step CLOSER to your goal.

You see, fitness is a LIFESTYLE.  In order for you to continue with it and STICK WITH IT, you must start off with realistic goals for yourself.  Set an alarm on your phone (don't we all have at least an Iphone or Samsung...or whatever brand you choose?) and make it go off every 2 hours to remind you to drink WATER.  It will cleanse your system and probably make you go to the bathroom frequently...but also, clean out your system! month, I will talk more about nutrition.  But this month I want you to know that YOU.CAN.DO.IT!!

I LOVE being a Certified Master Personal Trainer with over 22 accredited credentials because KNOWLEDGE IS KEY and so is the understanding that FITNESS IS A LIFESTYLE.  If you do have questions, feel free to post them here, like my business page on Facebook (Glisten Girls Fitness) and send me a message or follow me on Twitter (@FITDIVAFAMISHA).  In between changing lives and touching souls thru the power of fitness, I will get back to YOU!

If you are ready to try out a fun, high energy, high calorie burning workout...JOIN ME this Saturday, January 9th at my RESULTS Based Co-Ed Boot camp @7AM.  It's open to ALL Fitness Levels and it is at a very LOW cost of only $10 CASH.  You get the opportunity to train with me in a group environment around other people like yourself who are out to achieve their FITNESS GOAL as well.  It is located at Cosmo Park (2502 E. Ray Road) in Gilbert.  Bring a towel, water, yoga mat or beach towel...bring a friend or loved one too!  You will be glad you did! 

Stop the EXCUSES today!  If it's cold outside...bundle up!  You will get your body warm, once you start moving!  Speaking of moving, it's time for me to head out to my favorite hot yoga class...

I hope you enjoyed my first post of 2016!  Feel free to post your comments or questions here or the other places I listed that you can reach me at.  Also, check out my website for more info at:

Make it a happy, healthy day friends!  Thanks so much for reading...I'm off to get my SWEAT ON!

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)