Thursday, April 4, 2013

THIS is what 40 LOOKS LIKE!!!

Good morning friends!  So today marks only 2 more days that I have left to enjoy my 30s which have treated me pretty darn good.  I am now anxiously looking forward to what this NEXT decade will bring me as I quickly approach it THIS Saturday, April the 6th.  What did this CURRENT decade bring me, you ask???? AMAZING career in Fitness, a HAPPY, SWEET, BEAUTIFUL inside and out, ATHLETIC little boy who brings joy to me each and every day, 10+ years of being married to my BEST FRIEND and a move from a place I truly LOVED since moving there at the young age of 17 (California) back in 2005 to a place that gave me life near my loving parents, and great brother (Arizona).  Yep!  My 30s have been GOOD.TO.ME!

But now, I think about how this new decade I'm quickly approaching will bring me even more...WHAT though???  Well, I guess only time will tell!  But I tell you what, when it comes to my HEALTH and FITNESS...I have NEVER felt soooo AMAZING.  Or as my clients know I like to say "FAMAZING!"  I have decided today to post some CURRENT PICS that I just had my fabulous hubby take of me to mark this NEW DECADE of being FIT, FLY and FABULOUS at 40!  For those of you looking for excuses to NOT get in shape because you just had a baby...or will NEVER have flat, toned abs because you had a C-section, or are in your LATE 30s...quickly approaching 40 like someone else I know (ME!!), or may already be in your 40s, 50s or even 60s that is NO EXCUSE!  I have had a C-section, I have a 6 year old son who keeps me busy with volunteering in his classroom, field trips and all his many activities and play dates, as well as 12 to14 clients a day who's LIVES I have the HONOR of Changing thru the Power of Fitness during the week and on Saturdays at my Bootcamp.  But I MAKE.THE.TIME to workout!  You have to!

I hope you enjoy looking at my latest pics and decide to start a Fitness Program TODAY.  It is NEVER too late to look and feel better than you ever imagined you could.  How important is your health to YOU????  Even if it's just going for a walk...dancing in your family room...playing Frisbee with your kid(s) at the park...MOVE!

Before you check out my pics, if you live in the East Valley (Arizona) and want to come get a good workout while having some fitness FUN and burn some SERIOUS calories...please join me THIS Saturday for my BIRTHDAY BOOTCAMP at Cosmo Park.  For more details about my Bootcamp or my personal training programs go to my website at

Enjoy my pics!

                                                    THIS is what 40 LOOKS LIKE!!!

Yep!  I had a 9 POUND baby come out of this stomach via C-section!!!
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The SPEED BAG will give your shoulders a BURN like none other....
Bands are great for mixing into your program with free weights AND cable machines

Thanks as Always for taking the time to check out my blog!  Have a Happy, Healthy Week.

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)