Wednesday, June 15, 2011


To ALL you girls out there wanting to FINALLY get in shape, or are bored with your current workouts and looking for some new ideas...MOMS wanting your PRE-PREGNANCY body back and you women who AREN'T moms but are wanting to get bikini ready for the Summer, the TIME IS NOW!

Since I LIVE...BREATHE...and absolutely LOVE FITNESS, I would love for you to send me your COMMENTS and QUESTIONS so that I can share some tips and ideas that work for me and my clients.  ANY questions you may have regarding workouts...nutrition (80% of your RESULTS is how and what you eat)...core training...weight training...cardio...trends, ETC, ETC. 

Don't be shy!  NO QUESTION IS A DUMB if you've got one, the time to ask is NOW!

Looking forward to chatting with each and everyone of you FIT DIVAS IN THE MAKING soon!

As always STAY FIT and HAPPY!
Famisha :-)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Well, I guess I didn't need the temp reading in my car to tell me it's Summer...since it has been reading 100+ degrees lately (oh how I miss Cali!) or the fact that when I went to the Harkins Theater Summer movie pass this morning with Pry'nce and had to stand in a ridiculously LONG line to see a movie I had never even heard of before..."Clifford, the Big Dog Movie..." or something like that and kids were stepping on my toes, running and screaming, laughing with popcorn spilling out of their kids packs to inform me it was Summer.  I know it's Summer because all my FAVORITE cute halter tops, Maxi dresses and casual shorts are staring at me in my closet saying..."it's time to put me on girlfren and you better look good in me too!" clothes talk to me, don't yours?

The reason I want to talk about it finally being Summer is...during the summer all of us busy moms have our kids in a bunch of different activities.  Whether it's summer camp, swimming lessons, soccer games, or playdates our kids have got some busy social calendars!  My son is only FOUR and I am constantly at the Disney Store buying a birthday gift for him to bring to one of his many friends birthday parties and he's only in PRESCHOOL!  Let's face it, our weekends are spent driving our kids around to their social events.  Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy it and love the fact that my child enjoys playing with other children and has lots to do to keep himself entertained and happy....but what about time for FITNESS??? 

Now fortunately for me, I live and breathe fitness because I have the privilige to change lives and touch souls through the power of fitness every day for a living as a Personal Trainer.  However, I still need to take care of my fitness needs as well.  I am proud to say that I managed to get in my 60 minutes of cardio BEFORE the morning movie and another 30 minutes of weights during the naptime BEFORE the afternoon play date.  Here's the deal...CHOOSE A TIME every day for yourself.  Fitness is key to living a longer, healthier life and allows us to be more active with our children who enjoy going outside and actually "playing" like we did (or at least I did) when we were kids.  Take at least 30 minutes a day to do something FUN and ACTIVE for your health...if that means turning on some music and grooving while you throw a load of laundry in or do some squats as you prepare tonight's dinner...or even doing some side bends as you brush your teeth in the morning but you've gotta do it.  Also, even if it's just for 20 minutes...after dinner, go outside for a bike ride or walk to the neighborhood park and as your child plays on the slide, throw a frisbee around with your hubby or friend.  FITNESS IS FUN and can be done any way that makes you happy and allows you to burn a calorie or two.

I will wrap this up by saying...Summer is here.  Instead of waiting for the New Year (like most people do) to say you'll do something for your health and it NOW.  Enjoy the beautiful mornings and evenings by doing something ACTIVE...and before you know it, your cute summer clothes won't be "begging" you to put them on...but instead will be asking you to ADD more cute clothes to the rotation...and maybe even in a smaller size!  Have a beautiful rest of the week and have fun at those pool parties...

Famisha :-)