Thursday, December 29, 2011

LAST BLOG OF 2011!!!!

Good afternoon Fitness Friends!  Hope you are all having an absolutely fabulous day!  So this will be the LAST blog of, where did the year go?!  Is my "baby" really starting kindergarten next year?!  Now is the time where everyone starts thinking about what they want to accomplish in the year 2012...what is YOUR fitness goal for 2012?  Is it run your very first marathon?  Wear that size that you were 3 kids ago?  Walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath?  Chase your kid(s) at the park and have the kid(s) actually gasp for air instead of YOU?  Include more fruits and veggies into your daily food intake?  It can be ANYTHING, but whatever it is...make it a realistic goal that you actually stick to!  I am a huge believer that a "POSITIVE ATTITUDE EQUALS POSITIVE RESULTS," that is a true "Famisha'ism."

Okay, now that I've started out my blog talking about the exciting future and what it may hold for each and everyone of you as you set your Fitness Goal for 2012, let me actually get into the last blog question for 2011 which is "how do I boost my calorie burn throughout the day if I work at a job that ties me down to a desk/computer for 8-9 hours a day?"

Well, get ready to roll your eyes...the answer is quite simple.  As you sit at your desk, do 3 sets of 15-20reps of Calf Raises.  Need to get the blood flowing?  Do some squats...Stand up and ALMOST sit down with your butt lightly touching your chair...3 sets of 15-20reps.  Who cares if people in the office look at you crazy!  They should join in!  Instead of an office chair, sit on a physio ball.  They are very inexpensive and you will actually work your "core" (back AND abs) while sitting on it all day rather than a chair.  Sit tall and pull your belly button in towards your spine.  In between conference calls?  Do some Physio ball crunches!  Lay back on your ball with it positioned mid-back and do 3 sets of 15-20reps.

Now if you're working an 8-9 hour day, then you should get at least 2 10minute breaks.  Take those 10 minute breaks and go for a brisk walk around your building (if you work from home up and down your block twice) at least 3 times.  This will help you get your steps in and keep you from feeling "blah."  During your one hour lunch break, get outside and either WALK to lunch if your office is near a restaurant or sit outside your building and enjoy a lunch you MADE so you know your caloric intake for 30 minutes and spend the other 30 minutes going for a walk.

These are just a few ideas to help you get through your day of being stuck in front of a computer screen.  These are things that to me, are obvious and very easy to do on a daily basis.  You will find yourself adding at least 2000 minimum additional steps to your good luck and enjoy!

I want to take this time to thank all of my loyal fitness blog readers for your support and welcome any new fitness blog readers to my "MOMS!  You CAN get in shape!!" blog.  I hope you've enjoyed it and will spread the word to any of your friends who may be Mommies, Daddies or just Fit Divas/Dudes in Training looking for some weekly fitness advice.  I am very excited for 2012 and stay tuned because Pry'nce and I will be going back to shooting our weekly video "Fitness is Fun with your kids!"

I want to wish each and every one of you a very Happy, Healthy New Year and be safe!  Make 2012 the year you TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and live a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, FIT LIFESTYLE!!
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As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Good afternoon Fitness Friends!  So today is going to be short and sweet...I just want to take this time to wish each and every one of you a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa!!!  Hope I didn't leave a holiday out.  My family and I celebrate Christmas and as the day gets closer, I find myself getting more and more excited about watching my son on Christmas morning.  It's the best!

Anyway, I want to remind everyone that it is even more important NOW to be sure not to miss any of your workouts!  This is the time of year where people LOVE to bake and have potlucks and holiday party gatherings.  Just because someone decides to bake you an entire container of cookies, pies, banana bread WITH chocolate chips and peanut butter frosting (thanks a lot Mary!!) doesn't mean you have to indulge in the entire thing.  This is the time to learn MODERATION.  Do you really need to eat 3 to 4 cookies???  NO, you don't!  Do you really need to grab a HUGE handful of M&Ms everytime you pass the holiday candy dish???  NO, you don't!

What I'm saying is, it's okay to enjoy a sweet here and there but all in moderation.  Why not start your New Years Resolution NOW?!  Decide to finally eat just one cookie and then put them away instead of the whole tin...if you do indulge then make a commitment to yourself and your health to go do at least 30 minutes of cardio so you know that you just put forth an effort to burn off some of those calories.

Some may be surprised to know that I have a major sweet tooth myself...what?!  A trainer who actually is a real human being?!  Yes, my friends I do enjoy a holiday goodie here and there but I'm a take a bite and I'm good type of person or if I do know I'm going to "go big" on the sweets on Christmas, I'll knock out 90 minutes of hard core working out BEFORE I enjoy eating whatever I want on that day.

Just be smart and don't make yourself feel guilty...I hope you are taking notes on all the suggestions I've made in my prior blogs about amounts of time you need to spend working off the calories you intake.  Don't just read about it...BE ABOUT IT!

So let me end with this...I am truly thankful and grateful for what I get to do for a living each and every day which is CHANGE LIVES and TOUCH SOULS thru the power of fitness and teach people how to make it a LIFESTYLE not just a fad diet.  Enjoy life but know that to live longer, we must MOVE! 

Once again, I want to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Holiday and hope you get everything you ask for!  If it's a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER YOU...that's easy, just MOVE!  Play with your some jumping jacks...throw a baseball back and forth....kick a soccer ball...jog in in your living room, there's no rules...just MOVE!

Thanks as always for taking the time to read my blog and know that I will be back again next week for the last blog of 2011.  New videos will start up once again when 2012 hits!  Please feel free to share my fitness blogs with your family and friends...and if you haven't done so yet JOIN TODAY as a follower.  Happy, Healthy Holidays my Fitness Friends!!

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hi Fitness Friends!  So I've just had another one of my fantastic workouts, FITNESS IS FUN!  And after doing 65 minutes on my elliptical while doing various kettle bell exercises for 30 minutes of that cardio, followed by crazy abdominal work and wonderful stretching, I'm feeling pretty darn good AND energized to take on another beautiful day with my son Pry'nce.

Today's blog topic is one that I've had a lot of blog followers along with Moms in general ask me if it's possible...can you REALLY lose belly fat?  Well my friends, that answer is YES!  I will say that after being in this fitness industry as long as I have, it's nice to be able to relate to Moms out there who used to tell me when I would train them "well Famisha, YOU would never understand what it feels like to have belly fat because you've never had a'll see it's much different once you have a child to get your abs tight again or to have a flat stomach..."  Well, to those past clients I say guess what?!  I DO UNDERSTAND because I have had a child and know how your body can change once you bring a life into the world.

The best feeling in the world (besides bringing another life into this world that you helped create) is getting back into ALL of your pre-pregnancy clothes and even having some of your way over-priced designer jeans that you just HAD to buy (hence my stack of Diesel, Miss Sixty and Joe jeans in my closet) before your first child be even a bit BIG on you!  Listen up can AND will happen to you too!

There isn't a big secret that I'm going to share with you today on losing belly fat after having a kid(s).  I'm just going to keep it real with you on the very simple trick it takes to lose that belly fat and that is #1, PROPER FOOD INTAKE...#2, WATCH YOUR EMPTY CALORIES (do you really need to average 6 beers on a Friday night and 3-4 martinis on a Saturday night)... or soda with all those bubbles just helping your stomach poof out and stick out even more like a muffin top over your jeans...#3, CARDIO (you've gotta move!!) and #4 VARIOUS CORE EXERCISES (ie:  planks, planks and MORE planks!!).

Here's the deal, if you really want to get back to your pre-pregnancy size OR if you're not a mom but find yourself using the excuse of being in your 30s the reason for why your weight gain just continues to happen each year because "you know how it is Famisha, your metabolism slows down once you hit your 30s."  Well, yes I do know that once you hit your 30s you no longer have the metabolism of a 20 year old but let me tell you, myself and a lot of my other Fitness Freak gym moms in our 30s have a kid(s) and look even better than we did in our 20s!  Some even look much better now in their 40s...and you know why?  Because it's become a lifestyle to MOVE...MOVE..MOVE!

Okay, enough of what sounds like a lecture.  Let me break down my TOP 5 BELLY FLATTENING MUST-DO EXERCISES:  #1, Prone-iso Abs, also known as a Plank.  Lift yourself up on your forearms with your toes up and your body straight.  Engage your abs...meaning act as though there is a string attached to your belly button and is being pulled to your spine, squeeze your glutes (butt) and hold this in the beginning for 10 seconds eventually working your way up to 60 seconds at one time.  If you've never done this before, do the modified version on your knees keeping your back nice and straight, enjoy! 

#2, ENGAGE YOUR ABS...stop right now!  How are you sitting?  Sit up tall, roll your shoulders back and pull your belly button towards your spine.  Do this while driving your car, working at your computer, standing in line at the grocery it! 

#3, Physio Ball Crunches.  I love these!  Not only do they work the abs...they strengthen your back too!  Lay back on the ball with your feet gently supported by the wall and the ball at your mid-back, gently support your neck and crunch 3 sets of 15 reps eventually working it up to 3 sets of 30. 

#4, Side Planks...this WILL shrink your waistline more than you know!  Gently lay on your side, stack your legs on top of one another and gently lift your hip up while resting on your forearm...roll your shoulder back and hold this for 10 seconds...eventually working up to 60 seconds.  Modified is keeping your bottom leg on the floor while lifting your top leg up, do BOTH sides! 

Finally, #5 is good old-fashioned bicycles.  Lay on your back with your hands gently behind your neck and twist your body with your right elbow touching your left knee (the lower your opposite leg is to the ground, the harder your working, but know it's okay to have your leg high in the beginning) keep switching elbow to knee and do 3 sets of 15 reps...working your way up to 3 sets of 30.  FLAT ABS HERE YOU COME!

Now remember, you must get in NO LESS than 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise as well to help shed the layers of fat.  Trust me EVERYONE has a tight, tone stomach just dying to get out, so start these exercises TODAY!  And watch your empty calories...drink 5 to 6 glasses of water a day.  Have fun watching the new flat, tone tummy come out in time for the New Year or before the Spring...depends on how HARD YOU WORK!

Today's video blog will be the FINAL ONE of the year...this will be ending our 2011 Season of Fitness is Fun with your Kids videos on Youtube but we will be returning after the NEW YEAR!  Today's blog is about the importance of stretching and gives you some stretching tips that you can do from the privacy of your home along with your kid(s).  So grab a seat on the floor with your kid(s) or by yourself and STRETCH...enjoy! :-)
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As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hi Fitness Friends!  It's another beautiful day in paradise!  So I had quite a few interesting questions that you awesome blog followers have asked me to speak on this week and the one I've decided to choose for this week is the "now that I've hit my fitness goal, how do I maintain where I'm at during the holiday?"  Well, it's actually quite easy...

Okay, so you're finally in that GOAL SIZE that you've been dreaming of since having your "baby" 5 years ago or maybe even longer and the scale no longer upsets you when you step on it cautiously during a weigh in.  Now what?!  Believe me, I understand that this is the time of year that we are constantly heading to holiday parties (my family and I were just at one this past Saturday and have ANOTHER one coming up THIS weekend and then another one coming up the following weekend).  So I feel you!

Here is the key...ENERGY IN VS ENERGY OUT!  I am the last person you can say "oh, I'm just WAY too busy to workout" to.  I've got this to do and that to do...well, you know what you need to make a priority RIGHT NOW is getting in your workout no less than 5 days a week; especially during this time of year.  I'm not talking about 90 minute workouts (which is what I personally LOVE doing but unfortunately can't do 90 minutes EVERYDAY, but get pretty close), every little bit counts!  Make your health a PRIORITY.  If it means WALKING to pick your child up from school in the afternoon instead of driving, that's movement.  Try and get in some movement a day even if it's just 5 to 10 minutes here and 5 to 10 minutes all adds up, trust me!

If you're headed out to a holiday event, make sure you EAT something light at home before going because then you won't sprint to the hor'devoures table because you're starving.  Also, drink tons of water...if you don't like water, add a twist of lemon, a squirt of lime juice or a 5 calorie Crystal Light packet (but remember those 5 calories count).  Drink 5 to 6 glasses of 16oz of water a day.

The working out part is easy.  Try to get in at least ONE hour of cardio combined with weight resistance training during your 5 day a week workout.  Remember, it doesn't have to all be at the same time...move throughout the day and be sure it equates to an hour of exercise.  By doing this, you WILL maintain your current fitness level that you have attained.  It really doesn't get any easier than this!  There is no big secret to maintaining your weight and size except by just continuing to move and watch the food intake...

One last thing, I know you've heard this from me before but remember, if you do over-indulge the night before at a holiday party then DO NOT sit around or lay around the next day.  Movement is key the day after a big night out!  It's extremely crucial you get in your 60 minutes total for the day of exercise so the scale doesn't scare you two days later when you step on it!

Since I talked about 5 to 10 minutes here and there of exercise, let's get into today's video.  Today once again shows you in a quick 5 minutes how to get in some FUN weight resistance training with your kid(s).  All you need to do is grab yourself and 2 bottles of water, your kid(s) and a fun attitude.  I hope you enjoy it!

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As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Good morning fitness friends!  Hope all of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday and are preparing for this month's fun holiday season.  I myself will be taking my son Pry'nce to see Santa day ahead!  However before I do that, I would love to talk about something that I was chatting about with one of my loyal blog followers yesterday at the gym...PORTION CONTROL.

So I know during this time of year, we all go to a lot of Holiday parties.  If you work in an office, I'm sure there's constant pastries, cakes, donuts, holiday candy and potlucks happening like there's no tomorrow.  Well, I'm not going to tell you what you'd expect to hear coming from a Personal Trainer which is DON'T EAT IT.  The resaon I'm not going to say that is because I know that it is easier said than done and I have a huge success rate with clients because I teach them MODERATION not DEPRIVATION.

Portion control my friends!  To keep yourself from getting out of control this holiday season so you don't join the other MILLIONS of people out there in January who decide that January is the month they FINALLY decide to get in are gonna get your jumpstart on the New Year NOW!    So here are some examples of how to measure out your portions so you can enjoy yourself at all the festivities you'll be attending probably starting THIS upcoming weekend.

A "medium" potato is the equivalent of a computer mouse, a "medium sized" piece of fruit or vegetable is the equivalent of a tennis ball, one fourth cup of dried fruit or raisins is a golf ball, an Average bagel is the same size as a hockey puck, pancake or slice of bread should be the same size of a dvd, cup of fruit should be the size of a baseball, cup of lettuce is actually four leaves, 3 ounces of cooked meat or poultry is the same size of a cassette tape (don't act like you don't remember those!!), 3 ounces of grilled fish (yummy) is the size of your checkbook, 1 ounce of cheese is the same as four dice, 1 teaspoon of butter or margarine is the size of a postage stamp, 1 tablespoon of salad dressing is the same as the tip of your thumb, 1 ounce of nuts or CANDIES is 1 SMALL handful and finally 1 ounce of chips or pretzels is 1 LARGE handful.

I hope these examples help and if you're still interested in more eating tips, I can go into more detail in next week's blog in substitutions for simple everyday things that we eat as well.  But for today, try to use my examples when you get ready to DIG into that holiday candy dish. 

Now, let's get into today's video blog...we're taking you outside today.  Bundle up and go to one of your green belts in your neighborhood TODAY and have fun with your kid(s).  You'll burn some calories and won't feel so guilty after you enjoy that special treat you have sitting in your house that you "only" eat during the holiday season.  I hope you enjoy it!

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