Thursday, February 5, 2015

It's's your New Year's Resolution going???

Greetings friends!  It has been quite some time since I've blogged and to say my life has been extremely BUSY lately is an understatement...but BUSY is good!  Today will be a quick blog.  I thought I'd check in to see how everyone's New Year's Resolution is going?  It's now February 5th, 2015 and since I own my own fitness studio in which I solely train Clients; I haven't seen how the gym scene looks.  From the 10 1/2 years that I did work in a commercial gym facility, I remember how CRAZY the first 2 weeks of January were and then by the 3rd week it started to taper off unless members were working with a Personal Trainer or were die hard "regulars" in their favorite Group X classes.  So how's it going for YOU?  Have you lost your Holiday weight gain?  Have you changed your eating habits?  It's quite simple really...PROPER FOOD INTAKE equals WEIGHT LOSS.  Watching your Sodium Intake equals a FLATTER STOMACH...along with WEIGHT LOSS. 

If you found that you've lost your focus, motivation and frankly find it easier to go to the drive-thru for your favorite fatty foods, drink tons of soda that ruins your insides, alcohol NOT in moderation which creates empty calories, or constant snacking because you're "bored," GET IT TOGETHER!  If YOUR Fitness Goal is truly important to YOU...treat today as though it's JANUARY 1ST and start TODAY.  Believe in yourself!  You are better than your EXCUSES!  The feeling of Self-Accomplishment after a tough workout is such a FABULOUS JUST DO IT!  Have a better ATTITUDE.  Smile because you are doing something TODAY to make yourself a happier, healthier person!

I am attaching a link to my last FOX-10 Phoenix fitness segment.  If you are looking for ideas on how to get a smaller waist line...tighter abs...stronger core, then check this out and do these exercises EVERY DAY.  Yep!  Everyday!  Enjoy!!  You can check out my LIVE fitness segment EVERY last Sunday of every month at 7:20AM on F0X-10 News.  If you don't live in Arizona, you can watch a live feed via their website.

Hope you enjoyed my segment!  Now JUMP UP (like I am in this picture ;-) and remember FITNESS IS FUN!  You have 24 hours in one day...take one of those hours or even 20-30 minutes to get one step closer to YOUR Fitness Goal!!  YOU.CAN.DO.IT!

I'm now going to get ready to head out to my Hot Yoga as always, thanks for reading...NAMASTE.

As Always...Stay Fit and Happy!
Famisha :-)

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